The Complete Holiday Marketing Design Kit

Are you a retailer, an eCommerce, or a small business looking for Holiday campaign ideas? Then you’ve landed in the right place. Our festive design kit is perfect to use for the busiest period of the year.

Everything you need to launch your Holiday campaign

You just found the internet's most comprehensive resource on Holiday promotions. Scroll down to find festive graphic elements, fonts, sales strategies, design guidelines, and ad templates that will make your holiday campaign stand out.

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    Sales strategies

    Discover the best sale promotion strategies and tactics to create buzz around your brand and increase sales. Pick a strategy and start building your campaign.

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    Holiday design & content guidelines

    Read our holiday design and content guidelines, pick a color palette, a font, and create your unique style. Use them as the backbone of your holiday campaign.

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    Graphic elements

    Get the graphic elements bundle and create stunning promotional materials. They go great if you want to decorate your website with them or advertise your deals online.

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    Free Holiday templates

    Browse through our Holiday templates and create custom ads, social media posts, or materials for print. Then, simply download them to your computer and launch your campaign.

Holiday graphic elements

Download this bundle of ready-made holiday graphic elements and use them to create festive visuals. Design your own marketing materials to promote your holiday offers. Click the button below to download twinkling stars, elves, reindeer, Christmas trees, balls, and of course, Santa Claus. All in SVG and PNG editable file formats.

Sales strategies & design guidelines

Learn what type of sales strategies can help you increase revenue during December. Pick a strategy that can suit your audience. Then, find out how to wrap up your promotion in a creative concept and how to craft the messages to touch your customers' hearts. Choose a Christmassy color palette and follow our designers' guidelines to define your unique holiday style.

Holiday templates for all industries

Discover professional templates that you can use to create online banners, email cards, display advertising, and print materials. Start working on your campaign right away.

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    Choose a template

    Whether you need a beautiful template for your social media, display, or print, we have it. Choose the desired size and a festive template that meets your needs.

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    Next, go ahead and personalize the text, the call to action button, add your own logo, and font (if you have one) to make the design truly special.

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    Once it’s finished, it’s time to download the visual in the format of your choice. You can choose between multiple file formats, such as JPG, PNG, PDF (for print), GIF, AMP, MP4, or HTML5.

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    Launch your campaign

    And you’re done! Your campaign is ready to go live, which means that you need to make the most out of your marketing materials and start with the promotion.

Create the perfect Holiday banner ads

Designing stunning holiday banner ads should be easy and not a time-consuming task. Grab viewers’ attention by adding a festive feeling in your banners. Get started with one of our holiday templates and create a banner set in just a few minutes.

Design eye-catching, festive flyers

Are you planning an offline event during the holidays? Or do you have a brick and mortar store? Then you definitely need to include flyers in your promotional strategy. Spread the word about your event or sale you’re having through festive-looking flyers. Use one of our templates and customize your own flyer with ease.

Create posters that stand out

When done right, posters can be incredibly effective at drawing people’s attention. So if you want to promote an event or a sale and get it noticed, make sure to use one of our poster templates. All of them are created by graphic designers and can be customized in just a few clicks to fit your brand’s visual identity.

Send Christmas cards online or in the mail

With Bannersnack, it’s incredibly easy to create Christmas eCards or printable ones that you can send to business partners or add to every order placed during the holiday season. In this day and age, when everything is digital, sending a Christmas card can make your business stand out.

Create a personalized Christmas letter

Do you want to wish Happy Holidays to your customers and business partners? Then you can do so by using a Christmas letter. Choose from one of our templates, all of which are super-easy to customize so you can send the message you desire. Give it a try.

Don’t skip Christmassy Invitations

Holiday events are extremely popular in December, which is why you want to make sure that your invitation will grab people’s attention and make them want to attend. The wording you use and the festive elements are extremely important so that people will RSVP as soon as possible. Check out the holiday invitation templates we prepared for you.

Delight customers with Christmas themed menus

Do you want to delight your customers with festive Christmas themed menus? Then you should start working on those special menus so your clients can already feel the holiday spirit. We have a few different Christmas menu templates that you can customize. Then, download the final version in PDF format and print it right away.

Discover all the festive Holiday templates

Do you want to discover all the Holiday templates we created for you? Then go ahead and click the button below to browse all the designs and find the ones you like most. Use them as a starting point to promote your holiday deals and events.