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Want to send a message in a powerful way? Then digital OOH advertising needs to be part of your marketing mix. Use Bannersnack to create digital media that is eye-catching and boosts engagement.

Digital out of home advertising

Now there’s a simpler way to manage all your digital OOH ad creatives

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What is DOOH?

Digital out of home media is all about advertising in public spaces, such as billboards or digital signage. Shopping malls, train stations, airports, arenas, or waiting rooms are some of the most common places where you will find DOOH advertising.

OOH Digital Billboard
DOOH Screen

Advertising that stands out

Consumers can’t skip or block digital out of home media, which is why it’s an incredibly appealing form of advertising for companies these days. If you want to cut through the ad clutter, then DOOH is a great addition to your multi-channel campaign mix.

Why include DOOH in your digital media mix

Our platform covers everything that's included in the creation process for DOOH ads and offers integration with any third party ad serving platform.

  • Control the programmatic process

    This is going to grant more flexibility when it comes to planning the display of ads at a specific moment, in a desired context, to a particular audience, based on your target audience’s behavior.

  • Hyper-targeting

    Outside digital display advertising systems can be integrated with data sources such as mobile carrier data, online browsing behavior, and consumers purchase records. These insights can be utilized to target micro-specific segments on the move.

  • Add context

    Thanks to new technologies, dynamic content can be generated in real-time based on external conditions such as the weather, sports scores, events, or traffic. This can be extremely effective at showing relevant ads to consumers.

  • Measureability

    Technology has also allowed for digital signals to connect to physical places, which means that now advertisers can measure the effectiveness of digital out of home advertising, such as foot traffic, in-store purchases, and even app downloads.

Why Bannersnack is great for your DOOH needs

Complex animations

With our online design tool, you can create better customer experiences and drive more engagement towards your ads thanks to our animation feature.

Custom integrations

It’s easy to set up an integration with any advertising network that you want to use for your DOOH campaigns.

Unlimited customizations

Create eye-catching, memorable ads that evoke emotion. Customize the font, the images, CTAs, and any other visual elements that you want to add.

Empower your business and design team with Bannersnack

Take control of your digital media assets and simplify the programmatic ad buying process for digital out of home advertising by integrating our design platform with any DSP for DOOH.