The Creative Collaboration Platform Where Design Teams Get Work Done

Simplify your graphic design workflow by bringing everything together in one single online design platform. Manage your marketing design needs with ease.

A complete design collaboration tool

Transform the way your team collaborates on creative design projects by using a powerful platform that allows your team members to be more productive.

  • Create

    Whether you want to create a design from scratch or start with one of our professional templates, our intuitive creative collaboration platform delivers a well-crafted experience for teams that require powerful features and flexibility.

  • Collaborate

    Increase your team’s productivity by easily collaborating on designs. Team members can access each other’s designs, leave feedback, and make the necessary changes, which speeds up the entire workflow.

  • Deliver

    Share your final draft with your team or clients. Build on the feedback you receive and adjust it until you have your final design. Deliver production-ready designs in record time and export them in various formats for online and offline use.

design collaboration tool

Easy drag & drop online design tool

With our online graphic design tool, anyone from marketing professionals to graphic designers can easily create high-quality visual marketing materials. The intuitive and easy-to-use editor reduces the learning curve and so anyone can learn in a very short amount of time how to create a professional design in Bannersnack. All of this is available in a user-friendly editor with complex features that are meant to help you and your team spend less time on execution and more time coming up with creative ideas and solutions.

Seamless graphic design collaboration

A reliable collaboration tool is at the core of efficient design teams because it eliminates miscommunication, prevents endless feedback loops, and empowers everyone to be on the same page. Now it’s easier than ever to create on-brand marketing materials for online and offline and to manage your brand assets in one single design platform. You can leave comments on designs, tag team members, create labels and organize everything in folders and workspaces. Moreover, it’s easy to send a branded share link to external partners.

graphic design collaboration

A design collaboration tool made for teams

Manage all your marketing designs using the best design collaboration platform. Improve your creative workflow by bringing all your team members on the same platform.

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Multiple team members

Streamline workflows and communication between marketers and designers by keeping everyone connected.

Creative workflow management

With our design collaboration software, you can easily manage your designs and campaigns while also avoiding unproductive workflows.

Shared asset library

Collaborate using a shared asset library so that everyone on your team has access to the same design assets.

Folders, labels

Organize your advertising campaigns in separate folders and mark your progress with status labels to keep everyone in the loop.

Online proofing and approval

The integrated proofing and approval system helps you keep everyone informed as you move from concept to completion.


Workspaces allow your team to keep projects separate and also to create and upload brand assets for each one.

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Increase your productivity through creative collaboration

Empower your team to get more work done by getting rid of troublesome workflows. Now everyone can focus on getting their creative juices flowing.