Create Video Collages and Tell Your Story

Videos are the perfect short-form content to give your audience a taste of a product, service, or event. Use Bannersnack’s video collage maker to combine your videos, and tell even more compelling stories, share ideas more dynamically and keep your customers engaged.

Within minutes, you can create an online video collage for your brand and present more than one product or service. You can also use it for a personal project always to keep your beautiful memories alive.

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The Best Video Collage App

Now you can create unique video combinations with our video collage maker. It has a very straight forward drag-and-drop process, making it very easy to use. With or without advanced designer skills, you can easily create some of the most dazzling video collages that will convert!

You’ll never get stuck again in search of inspiration. We got you covered on every level - from templates to all kinds of elements.

Import Your Own Videos or Gifs

When creating your online video collage, a very effective way to strengthen your messages is to upload your own branded videos. You can also import your gifs and use them in our gif collage maker.

Choose the perfect grid, drag-and-drop your gifs onto it and add a personal touch to your collage using the right fonts and other graphic elements to create the ideal gif collage.

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Video Collage Templates for Marketing Projects

Find the perfect video collage ideas to get inspired in creating responsive marketing campaigns that match your audience. Skim through our templates, choose the one that suits you best, and start adding branded elements to get the desired outcome. Our video collage maker app is here to help you achieve more with less effort.

Make Video Collages on Our
Video Collage Creator

Boost your creativity by letting Bannersnack's features take care of the technical aspects for you! Having the best visual impact means working with the right online video collage maker that helps exhibit the product’s quality.

Create Video Collages
Video Collage Templates

Our video collage templates are carefully designed by professionals to help you create the most engaging collages. There are plenty of genres to choose from, depending on your end goal!

Import Your Videos

Choose a video from our gallery or start creating something more personalized by uploading your videos. You'll create a stunning collage in no time with our drag-and-drop editor.

Colors and Grids

Colors have a huge impact on your audience. They can make or break a design. Choose the right colors and grids to send the right message. Your videos tell a story, make it engaging.

Text and Fonts

Pair the visual with the right text and fonts. Experiment by trying different fonts from our gallery until you find the one that perfectly matches your new design!

Elements and Illustrations

Be creative in designing your video collage by adding cool shapes or illustrations. If carefully put together, all these pieces can effectively tell your unique story.

How to Make a Video Collage

With Bannersnack you can create your own video collage, by following 4 very easy steps!

  • Choose a Video Collage Template

    Check our fresh video collage ideas and choose the perfect template from the many available in our gallery.

  • Upload Your Original Videos

    Continue editing your video collage by uploading your videos or choosing from our gallery. Then, drag-and-drop them into the grid.

  • Add Cool Texts
    & Elements

    Complete your video collage by adding a spot-on copy. You can choose from many available fonts and other neat assets.

  • Save and Export Your Creations

    Once your video collage is ready, save it and export it to your desired format. You can return at any time, make changes, and re-export your collage.

Make Video Collages and Customize Them to Your Heart’s Content

Video collages are a dynamic way to show many visuals at once. Take the video collaging to the next level with Bannersnack and create compelling visuals in a smooth workflow guaranteed by the platform. You can now also share your projects with others, thanks to Bannersnack's collaborative tool.

Get access to Bannersnack's Video Collage Maker today and impress anyone with eye-catching video designs!