Add Text to Photos to Tell a Story

A picture is worth a thousand words, but an image with text is worth a million! Adding text to photos has never been easier. Tell your story by adding text to your pictures, using our free, easy-to-use text editor. Here you'll find everything you need to enhance your images by adding text to them. From text presets to elements, you have it all, right at your fingertips.

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Thousands of Templates to Choose From

Our designers carefully crafted thousands of templates for you to choose from. You can pick any of our templates and easily add your images to them by the click of a button. Choose a template or one of our text presets to make the design of your text look professional and aesthetically pleasing. Go ahead, use a template to add text to your images!

Fonts and Text Presets

Our fonts have been carefully hand-picked by professional designers. Having one font on your photos is great, but you know the saying, "Two fonts are better than one". We have lots of stunning, carefully crafted text presets that you can add to your photos. They are all perfectly complementary and work wonderfully together. Take a look through our presets and choose the one that will look best when you add text to your photo!

Fonts and Text Presets
Upload Your Own Fonts to Bannersnack

Upload Your Own Fonts

Bannersnack also gives you the option to upload your own fonts. If you have a font on your computer that you want to use, simply upload it to our text editor. However, we have tons of beautiful text presets to choose from that we're sure you'll love. Take a look through all of them to find the one that works best for you, then add the text to your photo!

Bannersnack's Text Editor

You can take a simple image and make it absolutely captivating by adding text to the photo. Once you do that, adjust the size, color, weight, and everything in between, by using our text editor. Editing your text is as easy as 1-2-3!

Add text to photo using our editor
Get Creative With Adding Text to Your Images

Get Creative With Adding Text to Your Images

Add any stylish element from our editor to your image for a unique touch on enhancing your text. Once added, adjust its size to make it work with your photo. You can also place an element behind your text to make it pop, or you can try blurring the background to make your text really stand out. No matter what technique you use, putting text on photos is always a good choice. Put text on photos to make a great impression!

Why Use Our Free Photo-Text Editor

Stand out of the crowd with a high-quality image and even higher-quality text. Add text to your photos and look professional and sleek, even without professional design skills.

Add text to photos
Ready-Made Templates

With thousands of ready-made design layouts, adding text to photos is easier to do than ever. You can simply choose a template from our editor, add your text to the image, and then go from there! You can also edit anything about the template, from image to text preset and beyond!

Millions of stock photos

If you don't have an image, but you know what text you want to use, you can just search for a picture that matches your needs in our collection of 2M+ stock photos! If you do have an image, you can simply upload it to our editor and begin adding text to your photo.

Font Presets

We have tons of text presets to choose from, that will take text layout off your mind. Choose a preset that will best suit your image, add the text to your photo, change the message and you are done! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.


Impress your viewers with an animated text. You don't need to waste hours trying to figure out what animation to use or how to get the perfect result. Just use our Magic Animator, select an animation to add to your text, and voila! You're done already.

Easy Drag-and-drop Editor

Bannersnack gives you an easy-to-use editor that lets you add text and elements to your photos effortlessly, without the need of a professional designer. Bannersnack makes graphic design look easy. You can be your own professional designer!

Export in various formats

Once you've added text to your photos, and you are done editing, you can export them in JPG, PNG, GIF or even MP4 for your animated posts. Go ahead and try. Create your free Bannersnack account today!

How to Put Text on Photos in 4 Steps

  • Log Into Your Account

    Open Bannersnack - the ultimate online photo-text editor, and go to your workspace. Click on "Create new", select your image size, and you'll be ready to start adding text to your images in no time!

  • Select or Upload an Image

    You can choose a photo from our collection of 2 million+ stock photos, or simply upload your own. To do this, click on "Images", then "My images", and finally "Upload images". Select one or more images and add them to your Workspace with a simple click. It's that easy!

  • Add the Text to Your Image

    Now you can select a single font, or you can choose one of our amazing text presets. We have everything from handwritten, to modern, to futuristic. Find the font that suits you best, and then click on it to add the text to your image. Just like that!

  • Edit and Personalize

    Unleash your inner creativity by making your art interesting. Add an element, insert a background, change the color, make your text bold or thin, or even animate the text. Do whatever you like. Bannersnack makes anything possible!

Add Text to Photos with Bannersnack's Text Editor

Bannersnack is a great tool for both professional and personal use. Its easy-to-use platform is ideal for everyone! Open a free account with Bannersnack today to put text on photos and make your work look even more spectacular!