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Create slideshows within minutes without any design skills. Make your own slideshow presentations and grab the attention of your audience.

Online Photo Slideshow Maker

Make your slideshows stand out and inspire

Use our simple and intuitive visual interface to animate your slideshows. Animate your elements, add smooth transitions between slides, and give your slideshow a more professional look. No coding skills required, just simply drag and drop your pictures or visuals into our slideshow maker.

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Create smooth photo slideshows

Upload your pictures, photos or illustrations and create photo slideshows that you can share on any social media network, or download them in HTML5, video MP4 or GIF format. Bannersnack offers you an advanced editor that allows you to add texts, shapes and even videos. Edit all individual elements of your slideshow, not just your photos.

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Responsive HTML5 sliders

Responsive HTML5 sliders

Create responsive image sliders and upload or embed them on your website or blog. You can export your carousel slider in various formats including HTML5, making your sliders responsive and adaptable to any device. Create intricate HTML5 slides by adding on-click actions to any element or slide.

Video slideshows created online

Creating video slideshows has never been easier. After you are done animating all your slides, just download your work as MP4 and... that's it! Exporting your slideshow to MP4 video format makes it easier for you to upload it on social platforms such as Facebook or YouTube.

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Carousel sliders and slideshow templates

Bannersnack offers ready made slideshow templates including HTML5 responsive carousel sliders. Simply upload your own pictures, add texts or new slides, and your slideshows are ready to be used on any website or blogs. Our slideshow examples are designed and created by professional designers. Create an account today and make your slideshows for free.


How do you make a professional slideshow?

To make a professional slideshow, here are a few simple rules to apply: write down your ideas in advance; create your own template or use one that’s already made; pay attention to brand consistency; use images that work with your presentation and your brand identity; be clear and concise; don’t cram too much information on one slide; choose a font that best suits the slideshow’s theme; use high-quality visuals; limit transitions because you don't want to make your presentation look too flashy; don’t rush it.

How long should a photo slideshow be?

To create an engaging photo slideshow, try not to use too many images, so you avoid boring your audience. The key to a successful slideshow is all about using compelling visuals. Also, people need a few seconds to look at an image. This means that you should allow 3-4 seconds per image, which will allow you to show 10 to 15 images per minute. Keep it short and simple.

How many photos should a slideshow have?

It depends on the slideshow’s purpose. Usually, it would be best if you left 3-4 seconds per image, which translates into 10 to 15 images per minute. Try not to make your presentation longer than 10-15 minutes to avoid losing your audience’s interest. This general rule of thumb allows you to include anywhere between 100 and 225 images per slideshow, so choose them carefully to make people want to watch the entire slideshow.

What is a video slideshow?

A video slideshow contains a series of images or videos, which can be mixed with illustrations, icons, or music. It’s a great way to tell a story, share ideas, or show new product features and developments. By creating a video slideshow, you will be able to build a strong emotional connection with your audience because videos have the ability to attract people’s attention and keep them engaged for longer.

How do I make a good video slideshow?

A good video slideshow starts with a great template. You can create one yourself or use a tool that has slideshow templates ready to use. It’s important to use smooth transitions or effects that go well with the slideshow’s theme. Use high-quality images or videos, add elements like icons or shapes, and spice it up with the right background music.

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