Create Photo Collages and Tell Your Story

Pablo Picasso used oil. Matisse used paper. Hamilton used photography. You start with Bannersnack's photo collage maker. Let your photos tell engaging stories and seduce your audience immediately with photo collages created in minutes.

Use your creations to increase sales or bookings, present more than one product or service, and revive beautiful memories in just one creative collage choosing the perfect grid.

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The Most Friendly Collage Maker

Your search for a great collage app is over. On our platform you have fun creating unique combinations suited for your marketing strategy.

The photo collage creator is easy-to-use. It all comes down to a drag and drop process which rapidly raises your level of productivity.

Place photos as you wish and create an original way to show your audience products or experiences.

Photo Collage Templates for Bold Projects

Photo collages are, after all, inspirations themselves. So there is nothing wrong to stimulate your imagination.
In case of doubt or no starting point, our gallery has many photo collage ideas to offer. We have a series of collage templates in our free collage maker.
Your only "job" is to find the templates that match your requirements and start personalize them as you wish for original results.

Themes to Match
Your Message

When creating a photo collage using our online collage maker, it's very easy and fun to unleash your creativity when all the tools you need are available in one place.

Our collage creator includes all sort of themes and covers main industries such as Automotive, Health, Travel, Holidays & Events, Fashion and Services, and more.

Start with one of the free photo collages we offer and play around with elements to make your designs stand out! Promote them on any platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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Import Your .PSD Files to Add Your Touch

Personal photographs strengthen messages and add that personal touch to make the audience emphasize with your product or service.

Import your .PSD files and use them in our picture collage maker choosing the perfect photo grid. Drag and drop your images and personalize your collage using text and other graphic elements to integrate your strategy at its best.

Create Online Photo Collages on Our
All-In-One Creative Platform

Bannersnack is here to help you boost creativity and we have features to prove that.
High-visual impact means working with the right picture collage app and getting the best of your imagination.

Create Collages
Collage Templates

Our free collage templates are created by professional designers and there are plenty of genres to choose from. You do not need to hire your own designer for the job. We've got you covered!

Import Your Photos

Choose to import .PSD files or simply upload from your personal archive. Tell the same story from multiple angles and play with different angles and perspectives. Let the grid do all the work!

Colors and Grids

Contrast builds up tension. Audiences respond emotionally. Choose grids and colors carefully to create the perfect contrast to avoid blending. Your pictures tell a story, not an abstract message.

Text and Fonts

Your text sends the message, your images show it. Choose from a variety of fonts and make sure it matches your entire collage.

Elements and Illustrations

Be creative! Add some shapes and make your collages more straight-forward. Select illustrations for an even more entertaining creative design.

How to Make a Photo Collage

  • Choose a Collage Template

    Get new and fresh photo collage ideas by choosing from the templates available in our gallery or start from scratch!

  • Upload Your Photos

    Upload your photos, choose from our gallery, or import your .Psd files. Drag and drop them into the grid you chose.

  • Add Text and Elements

    Customize your photo collage by adding text, elements such as shapes or icons, and illustrations. Boost your creativity!

  • Save and Export

    Once your collage is ready, save it and export it in multiple formats. Add changes and re-export your artwork anytime. Have fun designing!

Teamwork Makes Photo Collages Work!

Collage is the French word for sticking together. Collaborating with others on photo collages guarantees the best workflow to create a powerful design and it allows your team members to edit and send feedback for more productivity.

Get access to Bannersnack's Photo Collage Maker today and impress anyone with eye-catching designs!