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What makes a good book cover? It generates sales through its mysterious design. Create amazing visuals for your publications in minutes with the new book cover maker from Bannersnack.

Just follow a few steps that don't require any design experience and create a book cover that will easily stand out and turn your publication into a bestseller.

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How to Sell a Book
by Its Cover?

The saying goes: "don't judge a book by its cover". Why? The cover design wasn't depicting the book's content. Now let's change the saying.

If you want to get a lot of sales, link the content to the book cover and add text, maybe a brief synopsis, a picture of the author, and/or a quote from famous critiques.

Design a book cover faster than ever before to attract new potential readers! Remember: no spoiler alerts, or else you risk it all!

Book Cover Templates for All Genres

One of the giants of modern literature, T. S. Eliot, once said that “good writers borrow, great writers steal”. Well, great design ideas can be found in our gallery of deisng templates. Find the designs that suit your needs, your genre and your readership, then add your personal touch.
Design a book cover using one of our premium or free templates.

eBook Cover Designs
to Entice Readers

The digitization of Books transformed the online in a massive library with ease of access to any genre, on any device.

Easily create your eBook identity with the help of our eBook cover creator. Make your cover design noticeable from any digital shelf and reach your audience anywhere.

Boost sales promoting your eBook on any platform with the help of our tools. Design ads by adding buttons, elements and illustrations to really highlight the eBook's story.

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How to Make a Book Cover in Minutes

Whether you want to design a book cover for print or an eBook cover design, the steps are the same and very easy to follow!

  • Choose a Template

    Browse through our book cover templates and choose from the many designs we prepared for you to get started.

  • Elements & Illustrations

    Have fun with elements such as shapes and icons. Add some illustrations to create eye-catching book covers which please the reader's eyes!

  • Colors & Text

    Play with colors the way you like so your designs will best reflect your vision. Add fonts which reveal the book's genre. Modify until you like it!

  • Download Your Covers

    Easily save and export your best design out there in multiple formats to get them ready for print. Be proud of your results!

Tools to Create the Most Attractive Book Covers

Bannersnack is an all-in-one platform that eases your creation process and raises your productivity level. We have the right tools and features for your book cover to reach your creative side.
The goal is to create a high visual impact and, with our free book cover maker, it's now possible to impress your readership!

Create a book cover
Import .PSD

Use your own designs for your book covers. Import or drag & drop your .PSD files into the platform and start personalizing your designs!

Book Cover Templates

Our book cover design templates have been created by our professional designers. You can now stop searching for inspiration.


Manage your book cover designs with the collaboration tool. Work with your team and let them edit. Keep track of the feedback for best and fast results.

The Generator

Promote your book and eBook covers on any platform by generating multiple size ads simultaneously, also available for download in sets.

Video Ads

A beautiful presentation of your book cover or eBook cover has to be dynamic. Create video ads to boost sales and to extend your advertising strategy.


What should a book cover include?

A book cover must include the title, the subtitle or tagline (if there is one), the author’s name, a book summary, and imagery related and evocative of the book’s subject. You can also add a short bio of the author and testimonials to create a positive first impression. Another element to consider is the book spine, as this may be the only visible part when the book is placed on a bookshelf. This must include the title and an illustration or imagery that connects the front with the back of your book.

How to choose a font for your book cover?

Choosing a font for your book cover is as important as everything else. You can choose up to three different fonts: one for the title, one for the subtitle, and one for the block of text from the back cover. The fonts have to represent the book’s subject and genre: serifs are classy, matching a traditional topic; sans serifs are versatile and go with anything contemporary; scripts fit in the world of art; bold, digital fonts can be used for an animation book. For the back cover, where your book summary will be, choose a legible font.

Can I upload my own photos into the book cover maker?

Yes, you can upload your own photos into our tool by dragging and dropping them onto the canvas or from the Elements > My Uploads section. The possibilities are endless because you can edit the photos however you want. For example, in just a few clicks, you can adjust the blur and opacity levels, add a filter, crop it, or add text on it. The best part of our online design tool is that it's intuitive, and you'll create a design in minutes.

The Book Covers Its Story

When creating a book cover, there are a few things to have in mind to attract your readers. The cover has to relay a small amount of information that can be found in the content.

It doesn't have to tell the whole story, but an element or illustration has to inspire readers to further investigate and be curious about what's behind that beautiful and mysterious cover.

Our book cover maker is designed to ease the creation process of a book cover. Design book covers today and discover our templates, stock images, shapes, fonts, elements, and hand-crafted illustration. Sell the story through your cover design!