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With Bannersnack you can create better and faster-loading ads using AMPHTML technology. No coding skills are required, and we make sure that all your exported AMPHTML ads are valid and ready to be published.

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AMPHTML Ads in Bannersnack

It’s well known that high loading times for websites mean higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates. The same is true for ads: they don’t convert unless they are noticed at first glance; and although AMP pages do support traditional HTML ads, they can load too slow on mobile pages and ultimately fail to engage and convert.

We are delighted that Bannersnack was highlighted as one of the few tools on the market offering AMPHTML technology and we invite you to learn how to create AMPHTML ads by watching “the ad about making ads”, showcased during the conference.

Design ads that are faster, lighter and more secure using our online editor

The leading platform in banner design is now capable of creating AMPHTML ads. Create static or animated banners that are AMP HTML compatible, using our simple and intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

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What are AMPHTML ads?

AMPHTML ads are basically banners that use the AMP open-source library at their core. They are faster, lighter and more secure. Ads created with AMPHTML load almost instantly on any device, giving users a smooth and more fluent experience. AMPHTML ads are delivered only after being validated, making sure that they contain no malware.

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Streamlined creation process

AMPHTML ads must meet a series of technical requirements in order to be AMP valid. Keeping track of all these requirements can be a real hassle, but Bannersnack has everything ready and up to date, so you get a fully compliant, ready-to-use AMPHTML banner.

Why should I use AMPHTML ads?


AMPHTML ads are highly optimized, so they load up to six times faster than traditional ads, offering a much better user experience.


Security is a top priority, that’s why AMP banners are stripped down to the bare essentials, so the code will always be malware free.


The AMP library and built-in elements are supported by a very wide range of browsers and many different advertising platforms.

Get started with AMPHTML ads

Create ads that are dynamic, beautiful, high-performing and can be delivered across any device.