24 Awesome Instagram Ad Ideas To Try Right Now


Since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, the social media platform practically exploded. It generates more traffic than ever and in terms of marketing and advertising, being linked with Facebook, it became a „must try” for every new or established brand or business. Why?

People and businesses who are advertising on Instagram have now complete access to Facebook’s vast user data and thus, they can target specific audiences better than with any other social media network. On top of that, we know that Instagram has the best engagement rate out of all social media platforms, which makes it one of the best choices for marketers and advertisers. Last but not least, Instagram ads are not intrusive. They look just like the regular posts and therefore, they are more likely to generate engagement than any other ads published on similar platforms or even websites.

Create Amazing Emails with the Really Good Email Checklist

Campaign Monitor and Really Good Emails teamed up to create this email design checklist to help you design a great looking email campaign that also converts.

This handy infographic checklist contains useful advice to get every part of an email just right, in an easy to read format. To get you started creating great emails we’re taking a deeper look at the different elements of your email campaign in this post, with the free checklist at the end.

How to Stand Out with a Brilliant Twitter Cover Photo

Do you use Twitter as a marketing platform or as a means to grow your brand awareness? How important do you think your landing page is?

I am sure you know already that social promotion has become the main theme in personal and business marketing. All brands are using social media platforms for marketing and you are probably already doing a good job. However, if you are trying to make a good impact on Twitter, you need to take care first of your landing page. Here, the most important two things are the cover photo and the Twitter banner.

Upload Your Own Font In Bannersnack

Upload your own font with Bannersnack

Since we launched the new version of Bannersnack we’ve made lots of improvements.

From redesigning the “My banners” page, to launching one of the most innovative products we have – the “Banner Generator”. We’ve also worked hard on releasing new features such as marking your banners, arranging them in folders, uploading SVG files, downloading multiple banners in .zip. While doing this, we’ve also worked on constantly updating you with new content about online marketing and banner advertising.

A Designer’s Guide To Effective Design Process Management

It’s a stereotype that designers love to design but hate everything else that comes with it – collaboration with clients, dealing with sales, marketing, etc. Though there’s a grain of truth here, it’s mostly an illusion and result of bad processes.

To make good banners, designers need directions. Designer’s job is not to make things pretty but to fulfill some business goal (increase revenue, raise awareness, make a conversion). But the thing is, the people who know the most about fulfilling those goals aren’t designers, but marketing. This is why designers need an effective design process that supports collaboration between them and marketing.