A Designer’s Guide To Effective Design Process Management

It’s a stereotype that designers love to design but hate everything else that comes with it – collaboration with clients, dealing with sales, marketing, etc. Though there’s a grain of truth here, it’s mostly an illusion and result of bad processes.

To make good banners, designers need directions. Designer’s job is not to make things pretty but to fulfill some business goal (increase revenue, raise awareness, make a conversion). But the thing is, the people who know the most about fulfilling those goals aren’t designers, but marketing. This is why designers need an effective design process that supports collaboration between them and marketing.

What Marketers Need to Know About Ad Experiences

Ad experience

Do you remember how slow the elements on the pages used to load a few years ago? Ok, maybe more than just a few years. Make them 10! But still! How about those annoying spammy emails in which you were asked for money from a Saudi prince?

God forbid you clicked on any link in that e-mail. If you did, RIP to your computer, bet it found its peace in your basement.

How To Make Your Small Business Website Fast And Secure

Make your small business website fast and secure

There are many things to consider before launching a small business, starting with the business plan and up to hiring the professional and competent workers that will help you grow your company and earn your place on a specific market.

Not all stories are deemed to be successful from the start but if you are committed to what you want to achieve, chances are, that you will make things work for you and for your employees as well.

The Game of Banner Ads: HTML5 vs GIFs

Let’s get something straight right from the beginning. The whole process of planning, creating and monitoring a Banner Ad campaign is a hassle. We know it, you know it, everybody knows it. And that’s fine. Nothing that’s high quality and has great ROI isn’t easy. And if some life-coach told you that it was, he was lying! So, now that we settled that banner ads aren’t an easy job, let’s see how we can make the experience more pleasurable and aimed for success.

What Is Parallax and How To Impress Your Readers

If you are creating a website, you definitely want it to look astonishing in order to impress your visitors. You carefully choose images that will be presented on your page, you arrange them in the most logical order, and you want them to have a considerable impact on your customers or readers. One of the effects that can help you create a more impressive website is Parallax. Here, you can find out what Parallax is and have a look at the examples of templates that use it.