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October 17th, 2014

We’re passionate about everything there is about online advertising: from banner making to creating and running campaigns.

But, up to this year, we focused only on banner making, bringing you the tools you need so you can create professional banner ads without any coding.

This year we went one step further: we launched Bannersnack Ad Campaigns so you can advertise directly, without having to download/upload and focus only on the metrics that matter. With that, we shifted the focus fully on online advertising.

Now, we want to spread the word and let everyone know what we’re all about.

We’re proud to announce a new statement for Bannersnack: “Sales, not just clicks!”.

Our goal is to become the number one resource for efficient online advertising, both for professionals and for small business owners. We’re going to post news, articles and interesting case studies you won’t want to miss out on, so make sure to  like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Google+ and keep an eye on us.

P.S. – If you know anyone that might be interested, don’t be shy and spread the word. We’re already grateful in return!

October’s here and so is our October discount coupon that will help you get a BannerSnack subscription, 20% OFF the regular price.

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ab test

Why should you make an AB testing campaign?

Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • It is the only to confirm or disprove the hypothesis you’ve gathered from marketing research

  • It will help you optimize the conversion rate using controlled and statistically valid testing

  • You are guaranteed to get results. Fast.

  • You will be able to test your marketing message and strategy

  • You can easily remove the under-performing ads

  • It can lead to strategic insight that might help you improve landing pages, website, marketing approach

  • Allows you to isolate the impact of a particular element of the banner, which will help you optimize your banners and become a better marketer

BannerSnack is a wonderful tool for AB tests. It can be used by any non-tech-savvy marketer to analyze the impact of different advertising approaches.

Here’s how it works: Make a banner easily in our simple drag and drop interface, than create a copy of banner A with just a click (on Edit as new). Next, edit one element to create the B version (edit the copy, color, image or something else that you want to test).

Now that you have 2 versions use them in a BannerSnack campaign, then you can check out the engagements to determine which ad performs better.

Here’s a case study about Sony’s AB test on banner ads:

Sony had some banner ads promoting customizable laptops, but they were not performing very well. So one of their web merchandisers thought about starting an AB test with some variations of the message an the design of the banners, to find a solution to fix the problem.

The test includes 3 banners, so it was actually an A/B/C test. Their messages focus on either the customization options or on a promotion on double SSD storage. The result was about to show them what was the more attractive offer for shoppers.

Check out the 3 banners bellow:

The banner efficiency was analyzed by tracking 2 things: the number of clicks on each banner and the conversion (how many visitors that clicked on each banner landed in the shopping cart)

The ABC test results



Conversion rate



1.2% (30.17%)

Variation 2

- 2.9%

1.1% (30.17%)

Variation 1


1.4% (30.19%)

The results are pretty clear. The variation 1 is a clear winner: it led to a 21.3% increase in visitors that reached the shopping cart compared to the original banner.

The variation 2 of the banner performed worse, decreasing conversions by 2.9%.

This case study was conducted by Optimizely. You can ready the whole story here:

If you want to make some AB or ABC tests in your advertising campaigns, check out BannerSnack!

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Product Layer is a crowd-sourced product information API that lets you retrieve basic product information by scanning barcodes with your iPhone. So they started a campaign trying to find developers that are interested in this project.

They started with a single banner (banner1) but after receiving some feedback about the text, they tried 2 other banners (banner2 and banner3). See them all below:

CTR results

Banner 1                 20,625 impressions               59 clicks                        0,29% CTR

Banner 2                 14,538 impressions               38 clicks                        0,26% CTR

Banner 3                 14,574 impressions               26 clicks                        0.18% CTR

Judging from this, the first banner “something awesome is coming” was the most efficient ad and the “product-centric apps” ad was the least efficient, probably because the message was not understood by the audience.

Conversion results

Looking at the conversion rates we notice that things are somewhat different: banner 1 is still the most efficient (29% conversion), but it is followed by the banner 3 “product centric” (23%). The (few) people who clicked on this banner were ready to sign up, much unlike the people who clicked on the banner 3. Only 9% of these converted.

Don’t judge the efficiency of a banner on CTR alone. Find a message that brings people on the website and converts them.

Want to try the power of A/B testing in your campaigns? Check out BannerSnack! You can create different variations of banners in our editor, and use them in your campaigns. BannerSnack campaigns is the tool you need to test your banners and advertise like a pro.

Data source here.

Here’s another Facebook ad split test, conducted by AdEspresso. They ran a campaign with the goal of increasing the number of likes on their Facebook page and had both these version run at the same time.

You can see their ads below. Notice that they are exactly the same (headline, image, audience), except for the copy.

The first one says: LIKE us for pro tips on how to improve your Facebook ad campaigns today!
The second one says: LIKE us for daily tips on how to improve your Facebook ad campaigns & increase your ROI!

Which one do you think performed better? Vote in the poll below and then you’ll see the answer!

AB testing your ads is very important. In this particular case, had they not run a split test, they might’ve never known that Facebook advertising can actually have an impact!

 Use BannerSnack to test your banners and create powerful advertising campaigns!

Today I’ll introduce you to an interesting experiment. This campaign was started by a writer who‘s trying to get the word out about her new book. She made 2 banner ads featuring two different versions of the book cover. The copy, the illustration and the targeted group of her ads were the same for both versions. The only thing that was changed is the background color of the cover, as you can see in the pictures below.

These ads ran in the Facebook newsfeed and on the right side (domain ads).

ebook ad ab testing


The click-throughs from the Facebook domain ads were so minimal that the results were useless but the gray background cover beat the red by more than 5 to 1 in the Facebook newsfeed!
The author has, of course, removed ad A and she also stuck with the grey cover for the book, not just in the ads.

This teaches us that sometimes the smallest changes can have a great impact on results, and that we should always be testing!

BannerSnack is the perfect place for AB testing your ads! Check it out and start experimenting for better campaign results!

How ad retargeting works

June 4th, 2014

Retargeting is the new big thing in advertising – this is something all online business owners and  marketers know. If you need to know more about it before you decide to start your very own retargeting campaign, keep reading.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is also being known as remarketing and it is a lot more efficient than classic online advertising. Most websites have a conversion rate of 2% of the traffic on the first visit. The problem is that all the rest – 98% is lost. Here’s where retargeting does its magic. It will help you reach all the people that didn’t initially convert. They have already shown interest in what you have to offer, so your chances of converting them are pretty high.

How does it work?

To make that work you can insert a piece of code (also called pixel) on your website and it will be cached by the browsers of your visitors as cookies. Those cookies will then tell the ad providers when to serve your ads.

If you’re ready to test the power of retargeting, you should try BannerSnack because it has simplified everything. You can create the banner ads for free and then start ad and retargeting campaigns that will be optimized by our advertising specialists.

Need more information? Find it here or talk to one of our campaign managers.

Did you know that you can personalize your YouTube channel with art and that you can create a banner yourself? Create a banner with BannerSnack, using any texts, images, shapes and illustrations you want to add a personal touch to your channel.

Your YouTube banner will look different across devices, so YouTube’s recommendation is to make it really big (2560 x 1440 – the whole image will be displayed on TV only) and then pay special attention to the middle section of the banner, because that part will be displayed on computers, tablets and smartphones. Click here to view how much from your banner will be displayed on each device.

Make a YouTube banner starting from one of the following templates:

You banner will look huge on BannerSnack, so to be able to work on it, please use the “Zoom in” button.

In BannerSnack you can click on each element and then drag and drop it anywhere. You can also change the text by double clicking it (more text options on the right) and add your own images. More about using BannerSnack here.

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