Bannersnack Ad Talk “We approach design as a way to solve problems” via Tom Greever

It was just a typical day when I was surfing on Twitter and a tweet came out into my feed. I remember the title was “Articulating Design Decisions” and it was a video with a guy, talking about how designers should justify their designers to a non-designer (client, boss) and they must have the ability to convince people they’re right. You can watch the video here, but before you click that link you should read this interview with that guy.

His name is Tom Greever and he is a user experience and interface designer. Tom makes a living from design, mobile, web, apps and he is the UX Director at Bitovi. Also, you can check his book - Articulating Design Decisions.

Bannersnack Ad Talk “From the beginning I would focus more on paid advertising” via Neil Patel

If you are working in the digital marketing industry you are familiar with Kissmetrics, Quicksprout, Crazy Egg or  Hello Bar. More than that, you know who is Neil Patel and you don’t need a fancy introduction about him.

In the following interview you can read about Neil’s career, how banner ads work for his companies and what is the most common mistake when it come to display advertising.

7 things advertisers can learn from professional instagrammers

There are two essential attributes for a successful banner advertising campaign: creative and smart.

Creativity is all about design, how you create your banner ad, the colors you choose , the CTA button and so forth. Smart is all about the campaign, the targeting you use: search retargeting, facebook ads, retargeting.

Today I want to talk about the first category: Creativity and put it on the same page with Instagram. Exactly! Instagram + Creativity = Love.