How can design help online advertising engage with its audience?

What is design today? Is it the creative visuals on a billboard or a great viral poster that conquers the internet? We talk about different types of design: product design, intelligent design, responsive design, user experience design. The word “design” has crawled into our daily routine. Just take a look around and notice your smartphone, laptop, office or watch. Behind all those products there is a beautiful design that helps you connect with others, work better and smarter and be more productive.

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A wise man once said that inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

But we all know it, does inspiration ever comes when you want it to? For some, inspiration arrives at the exact same moment when they’re taking a break from long hours and hard work. You know the story of Eureka, right? For others, inspiration pays a visit only when they’re in the middle of things.

Bannersnack Ad Talk “Most startups have an ideation problem” via Lorand Minyo

When we started this category on our blog, we wanted to show our readers personalities who are a great inspiration in their industry. So, if you are a designer you can read our interview with Jacob Cass or with Zipeng Zhu,  if you are interested in social media you can read the interview with Chris Brogan or Dragos Stanca or if you are more interested in display advertising you can read the interview with our Head of Product, Raul Popa or Joe McCambley.