How Do Professionals Optimize Their Time?

optimize timeOne of the things that makes us all alike is time. And it’s funny because we are all so different in how we approach time, how we spend our time, how we deal with pressure and how we try to have more time.

I never thought that I will ever become a morning person. Now, I love waking up in the morning and be the first one at the office. I love that moment in the morning when I can manage my own time.

How to Make Promoted Pins


One thing that always gets me back to my childhood is seeing all the scrapbooks my mom and I made. We used to spend Saturday evenings sorting photos and gluing them to colored, full of sprinkles paper.

Nowadays, we’re not doing that anymore, but we still spend quality time together while being creative and getting inspiration from the online.

As you would’ve expected, we’re doing that on Pinterest. There’s no other platform that resembles so much to a scrapbook and it’s a great place to gather ideas from.