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Everytime we write a letter to our loved ones, we start with simple words like “my dear” or “my beloved” or “my love” and so on. Well, we don’t want to get too emotional here, we just want to point out that this simple word “dear” can be so powerful.

But let’s get back to the letter. Sometimes we like to write long letters and other times we just want to send some short updates from our life in a telegram. Read the rest of this entry »

Good design matters. Also, we want you to have everything you need to design banners that rock in no time.

That’s why today we’ve added 35 professional new fonts in Bannersnack.

To mark the special event, we’re having a little contest. Read the rest of this entry »

Big day for Bannersnack

October 17th, 2014

We’re passionate about everything there is about online advertising: from banner making to creating and running campaigns.

But, up to this year, we focused only on banner making, bringing you the tools you need so you can create professional banner ads without any coding.

This year we went one step further: we launched Bannersnack Ad Campaigns so you can advertise directly, without having to download/upload and focus Read the rest of this entry »

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ab test

Why should you make an AB testing campaign?

Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • It is the only to confirm or disprove the hypothesis you’ve gathered from marketing research

  • It will help you optimize the conversion rate using controlled and statistically valid testing Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s a case study about Sony’s AB test on banner ads:

Sony had some banner ads promoting customizable laptops, but they were not performing very well. So one of their web merchandisers thought about starting an AB test with some variations of the message an the design of the banners, to find a solution Read the rest of this entry »

This month (August 2014), you can purchase any BannerSnack subscription for a discounted price. Save 20% when you upgrade your account!

Here’s the discount coupon for all BannerSnack users:

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Product Layer is a crowd-sourced product information API that lets you retrieve basic product information by scanning barcodes with your iPhone. So they started a campaign trying to find developers that are interested in this project.

They started with a single banner (banner1) but after receiving some feedback about the text, they tried 2 other banners Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s another Facebook ad split test, conducted by AdEspresso. They ran a campaign with the goal of increasing the number of likes on their Facebook page and had both these version run at the same time.

You can see their ads below. Read the rest of this entry »