Create Banner Ads Using BuzzFeed’s Strategy

Things I’ve learnt from BuzzSumo’s research on BuzzFeed’s visuals 1360x700 Blog

I am a big believer in visual content marketing. But don’t get me wrong, I also believe that we need to find the right balance between visual content such as visuals, photos, videos and other visual formats and also the written and audio content.

Every piece of content has its own strengths and when we know how to use it to get the results we want, we are on the right path.

Recently, BuzzSumo done a research on BuzzFeed most shared visuals and they wrote a compelling article about it. They’ve talked about the most viral visuals and how they got to be so shareable.

Free Halloween Banner Ad Templates


Everybody loves holidays. Even marketers are excited for every season. And it doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, the Summer Holiday, Easter Holiday or even Halloween. It’s another reason to start thinking of what they can do to get closer to their customers and also be a part of this moment of celebration.

The Rise of Vertical Banner Ads

vertical banners

If you ask me what’s the biggest invention after the internet I will definitely put my money on the scroll function.

Think about that, how would the world wide web look like if we couldn’t scroll? Or how would you look through your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed or read an article without scrolling? It’s kind of an interesting thought or even terrifying for some of us.  

Scrolling gives us the opportunity to discover and consume new content on the internet.

Scrolling help us work better while we do our research or for the creative ones who are looking for inspiration. It would be interesting to make a simple math equation, how much do we scroll daily?

Don’t Design Your Banner Ad Until You Research These 6 Things

Don’t Design Your Banner Ad Until You Research These 6 Things 1360x700

I think the best job for a stalker would be in research. What better person is out there that likes digging into information until getting to the most accurate one?

If you have one friend that knows his way into stalking, ask him to do this for you. If you don’t,  you’d better continue reading and start researching for yourself, before designing your static or animated banner ad!

Why is research important? Mostly because it creates some guidelines on which you can base your future strategies on, meaning that after having a well done research you can prioritize and maximize your time effectively. And who doesn’t want to do that?