Today I’ll introduce you to an interesting experiment. This campaign was started by a writer who‘s trying to get the word out about her new book. She made 2 banner ads featuring two different versions of the book cover. The copy, the illustration and the targeted group of her ads were the same for both versions. The only thing that was changed is the background color of the cover, as you can see in the pictures below.

These ads ran in the Facebook newsfeed and on the right side (domain ads).

ebook ad ab testing


The click-throughs from the Facebook domain ads were so minimal that the results were useless but the gray background cover beat the red by more than 5 to 1 in the Facebook newsfeed!
The author has, of course, removed ad A and she also stuck with the grey cover for the book, not just in the ads.

This teaches us that sometimes the smallest changes can have a great impact on results, and that we should always be testing!

BannerSnack is the perfect place for AB testing your ads! Check it out and start experimenting for better campaign results!

How ad retargeting works

June 4th, 2014

Retargeting is the new big thing in advertising – this is something all online business owners and  marketers know. If you need to know more about it before you decide to start your very own retargeting campaign, keep reading.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is also being known as remarketing and it is a lot more efficient than classic online advertising. Most websites have a conversion rate of 2% of the traffic on the first visit. The problem is that all the rest – 98% is lost. Here’s where retargeting does its magic. It will help you reach all the people that didn’t initially convert. They have already shown interest in what you have to offer, so your chances of converting them are pretty high.

How does it work?

To make that work you can insert a piece of code (also called pixel) on your website and it will be cached by the browsers of your visitors as cookies. Those cookies will then tell the ad providers when to serve your ads.

If you’re ready to test the power of retargeting, you should try BannerSnack because it has simplified everything. You can create the banner ads for free and then start ad and retargeting campaigns that will be optimized by our advertising specialists.

Need more information? Find it here or talk to one of our campaign managers.

Did you know that you can personalize your YouTube channel with art and that you can create a banner yourself? Create a banner with BannerSnack, using any texts, images, shapes and illustrations you want to add a personal touch to your channel.

Your YouTube banner will look different across devices, so YouTube’s recommendation is to make it really big (2560 x 1440 – the whole image will be displayed on TV only) and then pay special attention to the middle section of the banner, because that part will be displayed on computers, tablets and smartphones. Click here to view how much from your banner will be displayed on each device.

Make a YouTube banner starting from one of the following templates:

You banner will look huge on BannerSnack, so to be able to work on it, please use the “Zoom in” button.

In BannerSnack you can click on each element and then drag and drop it anywhere. You can also change the text by double clicking it (more text options on the right) and add your own images. More about using BannerSnack here.

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After the latest April update, Twitter’s look has changed significantly. The new Twitter covers look a lot like Facebook covers.

The recommended size for Twitter is 1500 x 500px.

Many Twitter users had chosen carefully and creatively their header and profile images and they will need to change them again, because the old ones don’t work so well anymore.

So, if you need a new unique Twitter header, use BannerSnack to create it. We’re providing some template below. With some creativity, you can make a totally different, but awesome Twitter header image in BannerSnack.

If you’re new to BannerSnack, you may want to watch a video to see how it works. There are so many options available! You can add any image you want as background or object and you can customize the text, colors and more. Have fun playing with BannerSnack!

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could start display campaigns with just a few clicks right after you created your banners? Do you really have to upload banners to ten different places? And CPM, CPC, CPA, PPC, CTR… Does it really have to be that complicated?

We built an easier approach to banner advertising and now we’re inviting everyone to create campaigns right from BannerSnack.

How BannerSnack Campaigns works

It’s really easy: after you’ve created your banners, all you need to do is visit: Add the banners you want, the campaign and audience details, add the budget and click “Save”.

You don’t have to worry about anything else: our account managers will review and approve your ads. Moreover, they will constantly optimize your campaign so that you get the best possible results.

Why is BannerSnack Campaigns better

  • Access to largest inventories. Because BannerSnack uses APIs to connect to the biggest ad exchanges (such as DoubleClick AdExchange), you get a wider reach for your ads than with a single ad network.
  • Your own account manager at no extra cost. You don’t need to be or hire an expert to help you manage your ad campaigns
  • Constant optimization. Our experts will constantly watch and optimize your campaigns, making sure that you get the best results.

Read more about BannerSnack Campaigns here.

What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

Free stock images for ads

January 30th, 2014

Here’s the deal guys: if you use BannerSnack, you’re in luck, because now it offers full access to the stock image library to all users. The stock images are produced by TheAdStock, and here are some important facts about them:

  • they are free
  • they feature humans
  • they are on transparent background
  • they cover a wide range categories: beauty & fashion, business & finance, computers and electronics, education, food and drink, medicine and health, shopping, sport

Let’s see how you can use them:
Go to BannerSnack and sign up if you’re not a user already, and start making your banner. To insert a stock image, click Add image, then Stock images. Search for a keyword and choose an image. You can move it with drag and drop and resize it with the mouse. Of course, you don’t want the image to be the only element in your banner ad, so add whatever you feel is still missing from your banner: background, text or button.

We wish you success with your ads!

Here are some posters I made:

You can make similar posters yourself!

You will need the following:

  • quote / text
  • photo

How to find the right photo for your inspirational poster

Go to Flickr and create an account (you can sign up using your Yahoo ID and password) or use your existing Flickr account.

Go to advanced search, enter your search terms, then scroll down to the last section (creative commons) and check the “Only search within Creative Commons – licensed content” box. Press enter and search for a picture you like.
Download it (choose a high-quality image).

Suggestions for the image/ photo:

  • Vertical image or square (you can crop from a bigger horizontal image)
  • Use a simple background for the writing

 How to make your quote poster:

  1. Go to BannerSnack, log in or sign up and click “make a banner”
  2. Select a size (example: Width = 680, Height = 800)
  3. Add image and use your image as object: resize it by dragging the corners of the image.
  4. Add text: double-click the text frame and enter your quote. You can then look to the right for other text options: fonts, colors, sizes and more (select your text when making these changes)
    If you want to know more about BannerSnack and how it works, watch a short video.


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The Keep Calm and Carry On messages are fun and popular. You can make a custom Keep Calm poster for Christmas, for a special event, campaign or… well… for anything, basically. You can use this template for free!
Making a Keep Calm poster can be as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Start from this template:
Keep Calm template

2. Customize

  • To change the background color click on the thumbnail and then look on the right for Background. Choose Color/gradient and set the color you desire.
  • To change the text, double click on it, and then type your own.
  • To change the font type, size, color, click on the text and look for options on the right.
  • When you’re done, click the button on the right – Save and Publish

3. Download as GIF 128 for free and share your Keep Calm poster with everybody!

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Make the best Facebook cover

December 11th, 2013

Hey there! Facebook covers are a great way to add personality to your timeline. They have a great visual impact, being the first thing people notice on your page, so make it matter!

You don’t need to search for the best Facebook cover any longer. You can make it yourself, with BannerSnack. You can add text, images, cliparts, and make your Facebook cover look stunning!

I shouldn’t tell you more: try it yourself!

  1. Go to BannerSnack and log in with Facebook.
  2. Click the make a banner button.
  3. Choose the size (Facebook covers) and the template (click on it).
  4. Now you are inside the app and you can customize your cover without limits: replace photos, change the background, colors, texts. To change one element, click on it and then look for options on the right. If you haven’t used BannerSnack before, you can watch a short video. You’ll love BannerSnack!

Here’s a nice Facebook cover you can customize easily with BannerSnack:


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New templates for banners

December 9th, 2013

Hello dear fans of BannerSnack,
Here are our latest news:

          1. New templates

Now you can choose new templates for static banners. These new templates are available for the 3 most popular sizes: Leaderboard, Medium rectangle and Wide skyscraper.
Check them out! They are beautiful and you can use them for inspiration!

         2. Real-size templates

We think it’s better for you guys to see the templates the way they really are. It’s less confusing and more fun. So starting today, all templates are shown in their true size.

What else do you think we should do to BannerSnack?