Your brand lives in consumer minds, so branding is the process of developing consumer beliefs and perceptions that are accurate and in alignment with what you want your brand to be. – „Branding for Dummies

Based on the idea that a brand is the promise in what the customer believe and that a brand needs a healthy branding to keep his promise, I truly believe that in this days a brand needs a digital branding. Read the rest of this entry »

Did you know that in the five years of its existence, Facebook’s infamous ‘Like’ button has been clicked 3.4 trillion times? Or did you know that Facebook’s new mobile app Facebook Messenger, which is an avenue purely for messages, has now reached 500 million users. And with Facebook Ads you can reach a large number of people where they spend a lot of time. This is why today we are talking with Dragoş Stanca! Read the rest of this entry »

Optimize your banners with Bannersnack

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What is the size of your banner in kilobytes? You may not thought about this, but it’s really important. Less kilobytes means faster loading – You don’t want your banner so big that it has to load 3 seconds, right? Read the rest of this entry »

Everyone is familiar with search engine text ads. Some even confuse them with the organic search results as they’re featured above and on the right hand side of them.

No doubt, search engine text ads are an important part of any search engine marketing strategy. For anyone interested in getting more traffic, in increasing sales or lead generation, text search ads can be a good way to get results fast. Read the rest of this entry »

“I’m so happy with my banner ads and the results, I couldn’t possibly think of anything I’d change to make it even better!”

Said no marketer ever.

In many marketing and online advertising campaign, there is plenty of room for improvement and the fields are open for all kinds of experiments. All good marketers and advertisers know that. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Google think display advertising is about to go through the biggest and most important revolution in its history? They made seven predictions about where display advertising will be in 2015 as part of Google’s “Watch This Space” campaign, to close the program at Advertising Week’s IAB Mixx Conference and Expo with their presentation named “Display 2015: Smart and Sexy”: Read the rest of this entry »

Talk, listen, react

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We have two situations:

  1. The problem is not with the brand that talks with the customer, the problem is with the customer who doesn’t listen and doesn’t react
  2. The problem is not with the customer who talks, the problem is with the brand that listens and doesn’t react Read the rest of this entry »

Click-through rates for display banner ads are a challenge for any marketer or any advertiser. Not only is there a big difference compared to classic search engine text ads, but it’s harder to get people interested when they’re browsing as opposed to searching.

Below are 9 most likely reasons for low response rates with display banner ads. We wanted to be Read the rest of this entry »

So far we discovered at the “Bannersnack Ad Talk” interviews that simplicity sells, that we need to test and compare the results, that we need to be a first mover and what is intelligent advertising.

Today we discuss with a social media pro who is the Founder and CMO of Idea Girl Media, Read the rest of this entry »

I think that the purpose of a teacher is to help the student to understand the power of the questions. Beyond the lessons and all the theory is this important thing that the student needs to learn and to do: to ask questions. They need to get the courage to stand up and ask questions. The people who have the courage to ask questions are learning more than those who are just staying and listening. Read the rest of this entry »