Become a Better Marketer With These Tools

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When I was little, I used to watch cartoons with my older brother. Since he was the one who always had the remote (older sibling rule), we always ended up watching superhero cartoons.

I used to be mesmerized about the fact that almost each superhero had a specific object that helped him in his missions. Like Captain America’s shield, Green Lantern’s power ring, Thor’s hammer or Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth.

4 Reasons Why You Should Launch a Social Media Campaign


Now that we know which is our main target, we understand the power of social media advertising and we’ve seen some examples on how it can help us increase great results, let’s get into the design part.

I know that for many marketers, this is a real struggle. They need to create social media ads that convert, optimize the social media campaign and get the best results they can. So they don’t have  much time to design them, use the best message and CTA, run A/B testing and optimize the best ads.

Free Ebook: How To Make Banner Ads That Don’t Suck!


I have a coffee cup in my left, my Mac in front of me and my iPhone in my right. I’m analyzing the things around me while thinking what should I write in this blog post. And then I realized all objects surrounding me have one thing in common – the design! Even if I talk about chairs, tables, cups, sunglasses, key chains, fruit baskets and others,  there are all designed in their specific tone, with a specific tool for a specific reason.

A Great Banner Without the Right Audience is like Tom Without a Jerry


Designing a nice banner ad is only one part of having a successful campaign. And definitely not enough. The other important aspect is getting in front of an audience. Or, more exactly, in front of the right audience. Without that, your banner would be just… nice.

This is one of the biggest mistakes we, marketers and entrepreneurs make. We’ve all been there, myself included, we’ve all made these mistakes and probably still make some occasionally.

This is why, in this article, we’ll walk you through some Facebook and Google advertising tips and tricks that will help you maximize your sales by getting your banner ads  in front of the right audience.

5 Tips For Writing Great Facebook Ad Copy

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By august 2016, Facebook managed to get together over 1.7 billion active users monthly.  This is proof that the company shows no real signs of slowing down. And why would it?  It must be amazing being the most valuable Internet property on the web today!

There are over 50 million businesses on Facebook, fighting for attention. What does that mean? That there is a huge amount of information thrown at users from which they could basically choose what to focus on. This is why your content, be it photo, video or text, should be as good as possible and most important better than the the rest. In this article you’ll get 5 tips on how to write great copy for your Facebook Ads

The 5 C’s of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 c social media

What kind of social media strategy do you have? A sprint one or a marathon?

There are plenty of articles, case studies and other successful social media campaigns from which you can get inspiration. But sometimes the context in which these big ideas had grown is forgotten. Some brands might have had the courage to be the first ones on the new platforms or maybe some of them had the financial power to get in front of thousands of people.

Free Marketing eBooks You Must Read by the End of 2016

ebook marketing

Do you know that popular saying “Books are food for the mind/soul”? Well, in this case, we believe that eBooks are the snacks of the mind! (see what we did there?)

If you work as a marketer, you know how important being up to date is but sometimes, researching for relevant information can be even more tiring than acknowledging it.

This is why we’ve done the research for you and found 11 marketing eBooks, on different topics, to read and get pumped with curated information!