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How does search retargeting work?

Search retargeting is a type of online advertising targeting. It allows you to show banner ads and Facebook ads to people who have recently searched for keywords that are relevant for your business.

Users perform a search

Potential new customers search for keywords related to your business. For example, for a shoe store, “flat shoes” is a relevant keyword.

Data is collected anonymously

Third party data companies drop a cookie in the users' browsers after they performed the search. This creates audience segments in real time.

Users see your ads

When your campaign settings match the audience segments, users are identified and see your ads on Facebook or on the website they're browsing.

Search retargeting versus site retargeting

Because the wording is similar, search retargeting and site retargeting often get confused. Both are online advertising tactics, but there is a big difference between them.

Site retargeting (remarketing)
Show your ads to people who have visited your website, but left without converting. It allows you to reach existing customers to increase conversion rates and build awareness.
Search retargeting
Show your ads to people who have never visited your website, but have recently searched for relevant keywords. It allows you to reach highly relevant, potential new customers for your business.

Why is search retargeting so efficient?

More than 80% of users do online research before buying and they prefer search engines and keywords. This makes search a powerful intent indicator.

However, the inventory available for advertising in search engines is limited. Also, with advertisers competing for top positions, both organic and paid listings can come very expensive.

Search retargeting goes beyond traditional search engine marketing and leverages the low-cost display advertising inventory. Because it uses display inventory and search signals for targeting, search retargeting is a very efficient way to reach potential new customers for your business.

Why use search retargeting?

Here are a few reasons to start a search retargeting campaign

Reach the right audience

With search retargeting, you are showing ads exactly to people who are searching for what you have to offer.

Higher conversion rates

Because it targets users who have recently shown an interest in what you have to offer, search retargeting has better conversion rates compared to standard display advertising campaigns.

Lower cost per acquisition

Advertisers with big budgets and high competition make search ads expensive. Search retargeting targets the same level of interest on a wide inventory, ensuring a lower acquisition cost.

Wider exposure for your ads

Classic search engine marketing allows you to reach your customer only when he searches. With search retargeting, you show your offer more than once.

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Best practices for search retargeting campaigns

To get the best results with your campaign, follow the guidelines below

Use broad list of keywords

Start your campaign with a broad list of keywords. Select two and three word phrases, those get both good volume and performance.

Use branding in your banners

Use your logo, color scheme and/or website address in your banners. Those elements build trust and make it easier for your customers to recognize your business.

Add a call to action

Without a call to action, viewers will not feel compelled to act after seeing your ad. Add a button with a clear call to action telling users what you want them to do next.

Install conversion tracking

Clicks may be the most popular way to measure performance, but conversion tracking is the most accurate. Install the tracking code to see how many conversions you get.

Frequently asked questions

Where will my ad show?

One of the key factors in search retargeting performance is recency - how soon someone sees your ad after they have performed the search. The sooner they see your ad, the higher the chances of a click or a conversion. Because recency is very important, you should not worry too much about where your ads are shown.

Why can't I see my ad?

The data used in search retargeting does not come directly from search engines and it might take a few days until you could get to see your ad. However, it is a very bad idea to try and trigger your ad. Not only are you using up your campaign budget, but you are also interfering with the data that shows in your reporting.

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