Design Proof Software Create, Review, Approve

Design approval doesn't have to be complicated! Improve your creative workflow and collaborate with your team faster and easier.
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Bring your creative workflow into Bannersnack

Say goodbye to the endless email back-and-forth and bring all your work in one place! Get from brief to final result faster and easier, without ever leaving your favorite design tool! Leave on-the-spot comments, give and receive feedback and offer final approval. The cross between creation, design and strategy has never been faster.

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All the features you need to make collaboration faster

Review and approve your campaigns in minutes! Involve all your team and get insights to improve workflow and collaboration.

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    Review Projects Faster

    Review your team's work in minutes! All you have to do is log in to your Bannersnack account.

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    Organize Your Assets

    Optimize the workflow even if you have multiple clients. Organize your assets into workspaces.

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    Approve Creative Designs

    Once happy with your team's design, you can approve their work with just a few clicks.

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    Chat With Your Team

    Leave on-the-spot comments to shorten the road from brief to approved design.

Why you need a design proof software

Faster workflow

From Manager to Designer or Copywriter, team members can acquire certain assigned roles, just like in real life, each with their own corresponding permissions.

This way, real-life communication is entirely replicated in a cloud-based tool, for a faster workflow.

Improved collaboration

Our design proof tool is facilitating teamwork and management in banner design projects, striving for better and faster results.

By replacing meetings and back and forth feedback situations, communication is improved and misunderstandings are reduced.

Don't get stuck in the feedback process - focus on your creativity

Hundreds of teams already use Bannersnack to improve their design workflow and communication. Get your free trial today and find out what we can do for your team!