The Reason Why Video Banner Ads Still Work

Video banner ads

Today we are going to talk about a topic dreaded by many and loved by few.

Video banner ads.  

Picture this:

You are browsing a web page, maybe looking for some answers or just reading an article, and suddenly, a wild in banner video ad appears. To be honest, you probably didn’t even notice it from the first time because of the banner blindness condition we all developed. 

However, this banner was special. It was probably a retargeting campaign so you were obviously interested. You probably watched the whole thing and you clicked on the banner to read more.

The question is, how often does this happen?  

Are video ads worth it?  

Are people still doing advertising through a video banner? Well, obviously they do. 

Used effectively, videos can comprise an integral element in a display ad, providing the ad a richness that users generally respond to far better than with static ads. 

A well-executed video ad can be an important foot in the door for a user to engage more extensively with brand content.

Since their inception, this kind of advertising has seen a lot.

According to the almighty Wikipedia:

…in 2010, video ads accounted for 12.8% of all videos viewed and 1.2% of all minutes spent viewing video online.

Since then, the landscape changed a little bit. They still get the best CTR, but not like it used to be.

Online video ads are getting three times more clicks on average than other digital ad formats (mobile, display, and rich media ads).

But why is that?

Why are video ads getting more clicks than static or animated banners?  

The answer is obvious. You are more likely to grab your user’s attention with a video banner, rather than animated one. If an image is worth thousand words, a video is worth..well..$5 billion.

Video ads stats


At least that’s how much BI Intelligence reported in their study.

Are Online Video Ads better than the traditional TV Ads?

Obviously, a great load of advertisers is taking advantage of this ad format and that is reflected in their behaviour. The average user is now watching the same amount of online video as they are watching traditional broadcast TV.

Consequently, they are watching the same amount of ads as they were watching TV. However, the advantage of online video is its trackability, different from the TV.

During the last three years, BrightRoll says agencies have seen an 88.6 percent increase in client interest around video ads.

Judging by metrics like completed views, conversion, viewability, CTR and a few others, video advertising simply works better online.

What is a video banner?

I was so caught up in explaining the market, I didn’t address more rudimentary questions.

What is an in banner video ad and how do you make them?

There are three types of video ads:


1. Rich media display ads, which are usually embedded in content

2. Ads that are actually videos,

3. The In-Stream Video Ads.

We are focusing on the first type, because that’s what we are good at, and frankly, they are the coolest ones.


How do you create a video ad?

Since a video can explain this faster than me writing it, let’s see someone in action, designing a video banner.

So without further ado, behold, our awesome designer, Gery.


Examples of video ads.

My favorite video ad campaign is, hands down, the Dude campaign created for Bud Light. The creative director behind it(Joel Bloom) had the great idea of using two different banners to communicate the same message. This ad campaign was actually an entire series, but I enjoyed this one specifically.


The Ad is brilliant in its simplicity. The whole “Dude” campaign was a huge success and you can read more about it here.  

You don’t have to be an art director to create slick video banners. We took the matter in our own hands, and we created a few video ads examples. For the sake of variety, we used brands like L’oreal and Alfa Romeo.

We can go even further by creating a, wait for it, 360 degrees banner. Yes, we said it and yes we did make an example for you.  

Just a friendly advice, if you plan on creating a video banner with Bannersnack in the future, make sure the option “stop slide” is enabled. Otherwise, the video will be displayed only for 5 seconds 


The advertising field is constantly evolving. You probably heard this a million times, but it is true. Today 360 banner ads, tomorrow live streams in a banner and next week banners in VR. Bottom line, as long as there will be a need, Bannersnack will provide the solution.

For now, you should definitely give In banner video advertising a try. If you don’t feel determined enough by our facts, we have someone who might change your mind.


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