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195 Online Advertising Statistics Every Marketer Should Know


Why are statistics good? Why do we look for them? Online Advertising is changing from one day to another and online advertising statistics are the easiest way to see how it has changed, when it has changed and sometimes why. Knowing all this, you’ll be ready to prepare your strategies, know what to expect in the future and what challenges you’ll struggle (or not) to overcome.

Take Away Banner Ad Tips from 3 Top Artists

How Top Artists Take Advantage of Banner Ads-011

I remember having a talk with somebody a while ago. He was asking why did Coca Cola still advertise itself since it was one of the most powerful brands in the whole wide world. It took a while to explain to him that advertising is not only for selling a product or making it known to new people. But it also is about brand recognition, brand association and brand loyalty and of course products of the brand itself.