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What You Need To Know About Email Marketing as a Beginner


Are you a marketer who owns a marketing agency or works in a marketing agency? If your answer is yes, I am sure you have to deal with numerous demands from your customers and that you have already tried all the marketing strategies known to mankind.

However, if you want to be successful, you should also consider marketing your own business or the company you work for. 

All the experience acquired when dealing with all your customers’ requests will help you. At least, you know what you are doing and with a minimum attention to details, you can create a great campaign.

At the same time, there is one aspect that some of the marketers have started to ignore in the past few years: the email marketing.

How to Enhance Your Facebook Account With a Great Facebook Banner

Do you use Facebook as a marketing platform for your brand or business? Well, of course you are but first, let me ask yourself another couple of questions. How important do you think your Facebook banner and photo id are? How much time did you invest in creating a profile or a page that stands out from the crowd?

If you are a marketer, a business owner or a freelance worker, you probably already know how important is to give your brand a stylish look and a visual design that will be easily recognizable. At the same time, you know that most of your customers and potential customers are already on Facebook, sharing their thoughts and activities, reading their news and communicating with people and businesses. Therefore, I am more than sure that you’ve already set up a Facebook account and maybe even a Facebook page.

The Game of Banner Ads: HTML5 vs GIFs

Let’s get something straight right from the beginning. The whole process of planning, creating and monitoring a Banner Ad campaign is a hassle. We know it, you know it, everybody knows it. And that’s fine. Nothing that’s high quality and has great ROI isn’t easy. And if some life-coach told you that it was, he was lying! So, now that we settled that banner ads aren’t an easy job, let’s see how we can make the experience more pleasurable and aimed for success.

What Is Parallax and How To Impress Your Readers

If you are creating a website, you definitely want it to look astonishing in order to impress your visitors. You carefully choose images that will be presented on your page, you arrange them in the most logical order, and you want them to have a considerable impact on your customers or readers. One of the effects that can help you create a more impressive website is Parallax. Here, you can find out what Parallax is and have a look at the examples of templates that use it.

5 Great Advertisement Ideas For You to Get Inspired From!

advertisement ideas

Are you looking for advertisement ideas for your next campaign? You sure are lucky, because that’s what we’re talking about today!

If there’s something that comes and goes from our lives (besides money, luck and people) it sure is inspiration! We know how difficult finding something that hasn’t been done before is, but luckily no one ever got hurt from getting inspiration from one or another. That’s why in this article we’re bringing into spotlight 5 great advertisement ideas from which you can get your inspiration!