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You can download the GIF versions of your banners for free. A watermark will be displayed on free banners. To remove the watermark you need to activate premium options for a speciffic banner.

How it works?

BannerSnack can output both Flash and GIF banners. So start by using the banner maker as usual. Create a full-animated banner if you like. However, when you choose to download your banner in .gif format, the banner will play its slides as regular images. So, the final .gif file will include a screenshot for each slide (just like you see them in the timeline section of the BannerSnack app, or on the stage, plus a static version of the filters you use).

In the publishing options area, you will get the option to download your banner as GIF, besides the classic options: embed and download SWF. In most cases the GIF versions will work just fine, however in some case they might need some tweaking.

No transitions

Since GIF is a limited file format, the transition effects will not be visible in the GIF output. The GIF banners will not contain build in/build out transitions, nor slide to slide transitions. Also, the buttons will not be animated and will not work like in the Flash interactive version.

Optimization tips

If you want to make lightweight banners, use solid color backgrounds, small file size images and fewer slides.You can also try to output in less number of colors. (Default:128)

To create GIF animations you can use looping and small timings for each slide. The fast changing slides will make your banner animated. However, be careful not to use too many slides as they will increase the banner's file size.

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