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Welcome to the first Banner Ad Academy of the galaxy.
At Bannersnack we’ve gathered the best know-how in the industry so you can know how to design banner ads like a pro.
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Learn How To Design Banner Ads

Truth is, people hate banner ads.

Users hate them because banner ads interrupt them while they’re browsing. Designers hate banner ads because they’re small and there’s little room for creativity. Marketers are not crazy about them either, because they think they’re not that effective.

Still, people spend more and more time online and banner ads are becoming one of the best ways to reach them. What’s more, the display advertising industry is poised to grow and even exceed search ad spend.

Banner ads don’t have to be annoying. If you know how to create a good experience for your target audience.

Here is where the Banner Design Academy comes in.

It outlines a few key concepts in 8 lessons that will help anyone: marketers, designers and even small business owners build a good banner ad.

Ready? Let’s get started!

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Chapter 1: Advertise For Your Audience

Chapter 2: The Anatomy Of A Banner Ad

Chapter 3: Four Design Principles In Banner Ads

Chapter 4: Visual Elements In Banner Ads

Chapter 5: Importance Of Color In Banner Ads

Chapter 6: How To Define Your Value Proposition

Chapter 7: The Power Of Call-To-Action – Best Practices

Chapter 8: Persuasion Principles In Banner Advertising

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