Add Text to Videos in Minutes

Upgrade your advertising videos using our simple and intuitive video text maker. Adding text to the mix can make your video stories more engaging, create more buzz, attract new leads, and bring more conversions.

Decide to add text to videos and video text animations to bring that positive extra to your marketing strategy. With Bannersnack, your video ads will be more straightforward with a more professional appearance.

video ad maker

A video text editor, for balanced text and video content

Add text to videos online, quick, and easy. Our video text maker gives you professional video editing solutions in an effortless drag-and-drop workflow that both designers and non-designers love.

Bannersnack's video text editor features unlimited text-video combinations. You can experiment with overlaying text on video the way you like and reach your end goals by grabbing your users' attention with the most creative marketing strategy.

Design your text videos for social media

Create text videos that are on-brand. Tell your stories through emotional appeals to make your brand stand out. Redefine your whole digital strategy with engaging and clear video text overlays. Your fresh and modern text videos will be perfect for any social media platform. Your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube video ads will determine people to engage much more actively!

youtube ad maker

Bring your text video to life with awesome animations

Make use of awesome text animations and transitions, attractive colors, different text sizes, and modern fonts. Use your imagination to create YouTube ads that can extend your audience further. The animation will surely grab more attention and give your videos a more professional feel.

How to add text to a video

If you want to learn how to add text on videos, you came to the right place. Just sign up for a Plus account and follow the steps below. Promote your product or services with the best text video.

  • Start With a video Template

    Depending on the channels you want to promote your video ad, use a video ad template from our gallery, or start from scratch by using a custom size.

  • Choose or Upload a Video

    Pick videos from our stock footage library or upload your video to ad a more authentic or branded feel. The quality of the video is not negotiable.

  • Add Text and Animate Your Design

    Trim and cut footage, add words to video and animate them. Don't forget about adding sound and using other neat assets. Experiment until you get the perfect text video.

  • Revise, Save and Export

    After you finish designing your text video, download it in your desired format, and promote it on any video advertising platform. Return any time to edit and re-export.

Design Professional Text Videos Within Minutes to Enhance Your Advertising Campaigns!

Now that you learned how to write on videos, start creating professional video adverts within minutes. Focus on the creative part, while our drag-and-drop video text editor does all the rest!