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In some older posts I’ve told you about static banners, GIF banners and flash banners.

The video banners fall into the latter category. They are special kind of flash banners that, as their name suggests, incorporate some video footage. Video banners are alternatively named, rich media banners, online video ads and such.

The example above contains a few video frames followed by some traditional graphics and text. However, there can be video ads that look and react more like a YouTube video – they have a play/pause button, a progress bar and eventually a volume slider.

Like in the ad below:

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4 Responses to “Video banners”

  1. Scott Allen says:

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  2. Darius says:

    Well, let’s hope you’ll get lucky. Until then, you can use the free version of BannerSnack.

  3. Mr Paul Brown says:

    Hello Owner / Sales person,

    My name is Mr Paul Brown and i will like to make

    an inquiries on some Banners and below is the

    information of the banners which i do need a

    quote on.

    Size : 3 by 6 feet vinyl Banner.
    Background Color : White
    Information the banner will display :

    South African Charity Homes and Orphans
    Need Your Help.

    Lettering Type : Block Letter .
    Lettering Color : Red
    Qty : 60

    That is the information of the banners i will like

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    with the prices on these type and also let me know

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    Mr Paul Brown

  4. bob says:

    ^^Mr. Paul Brown, HA you scamming POS!

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