Tips for effective banner placement

So, you think it’s time to advertise online. You never did that before. But you definitely want to try your luck with some banner ads.


But let’s forget a little about luck and see a practical way in which you can squeeze the maximum out of your online campaign.

In order for you to be able to choose the very best places where to advertise online, you need to answer the following questions:

1. Who is most likely that will buy my stuff? This question is crucial and the answer is not always so obvious, so take your time, do little research and draw a typical buyer’s profile. That’s your target.

2. What websites do they visit? Again, the answer is not easy to guess (and I don’t recommend you to just guess) and might require a bit of research. Make a short list with the typical sites where your target is expected to be found. Starting from that list search for several dozens of websites where you might advertise on.

The next questions concern the choosing of the fittest websites:

3. How much traffic do they have? For a start, you surely don’t want to advertise on a website whose traffic is inferior to your website’s. But neither it is recommended to always choose the most trafficked websites as they tend to be very expensive – but will see that at the next question. The general guideline is to keep in mind that the average click through rate is somewhere in between 0.10% and 0.40% with the 300×250 px format performing the best.

4. To what extend their target matches your target? I know you already chose the websites that your target audience is more likely to visit. But some of them will have an audience that will match yours better, and some of them will have an audience that will match yours worse. It’s an important thing to take into consideration when you choose your final list of sites where to advertise.

5. How expensive is to advertise with them? I know this is hard research work but it’s important. Also, it’s important to see what advertising purchasing system they use and if does fit your advertising goals. Make a list or spreadsheet and classify the banner ad rates by purchasing system.

6. How full are they of ads? The rule of thumb is that a website full of ads will provide you less click-throughs and less visibility whereas a website where ads are scarce will most likely provide you more click-throughs and a better position – thus more visibility.

Now you have to make a decision. Put these factors in balance and you’ll get close to the answer:

  • Your budget
  • Their traffic
  • Their target
  • Purchasing system
  • Cost
  • Ads abundance

Good luck!


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