The problem with search marketing

It doesn’t scale. Search marketing can’t create more demand, let alone new needs. Therefore, if you rely only on search advertising, you’ll have to settle for a market composed by a group of people who already have the need and know how to satisfy it.

But what happens if your product is so innovative that nobody thinks of searching it? E.g. a Twitter-like service back in 2006. What if your service solves a problem in a way no searcher can imagine? And what if your target audience isn’t that tech savvy and only uses new media for email and news?

In other words, what if the search market is too small for your business to grow and take wing?

In that case you need to appeal to other means to create more scale. A few suggestions:

Contextual text and display ads. These will appear on highly targeted websites, thus extending the search market potential.
– Banner ads. If well targeted, well formulated and designed, banner ads can tremendously increase your total reach. And I’m not talking solely about clicks here, but about spreading your idea and promoting your brand.
– Blogs. Earn or buy your way into the “blogosphere”, as a first step to creating word of mouth.
– Get online magazine and newspaper attention. This may be your way to “light” internet users.
Business development. Make strategic partnerships that will help you develop your business and reach an otherwise inaccessible audience.

These are just a few ideas, but if you get creative enough, you’ll find many more ways to increase your market reach.

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