The new SnackTools apps are live

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We’ve just made everything better!


The BannerSnack and PhotoSnack apps are now updated with lots of cool new features that will make your life much easier and fun. Also, some old features were discontinued. Find out more about the new releases for BannerSnack and for PhotoSnack


Starting today, a new SnackTools platform and payment system has been released. The new subscriptions are different from the previous ones. Now you have access to every editing feature without limitations, for free. However, in order to get rid of the watermark and/or to download the files you will need to pay a few “points”. Also, you have the option to get these points only when you need them, so you are no longer conditioned by an ongoing subscription.

For those having an ongoing subscription: all current ongoing subscriptions remain active and you will not be charged more than previously. Moreover, you’re going to get a larger value for the same money as follows:
As a loyalty offer, if you previously had the $9 monthly subscription, it will be automatically upgraded for free to the new $19 monthly subscription. Also, if you previously had the $19 monthly subscription, it will be automatically upgraded for free to the new $39 monthly subscription. You will pay exactly the same amount you paid before but you’ll get everything inside the new subscriptions for as long as you keep the subscription going. You can cancel this subscriptions anytime from your SnackTools account but in that case you will not be able to recall this offer.

Canceling your subscriptions will take effect only on your next billing cycle. You will be able to use the new license until the end of your current billing cycle.Finally

Please take a couple of minutes to evaluate the new payment options.

We apologize for any inconvenience that could arise with this update. The main purpose of the update is to increase your satisfaction by making everything better. For any issues that you may have, please use the feedback button that can be found in the right side of our pages.

4 Responses to “The new SnackTools apps are live”

  1. colin says:

    cool apps, great job

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  3. Eric Washsingtion says:

    Great tools!!!!!! Can tubesnack be inserted into bannersnack.

  4. Creator says:

    Thanks Eric. For the moment it’s impossible, but we’re looking for a solution to support video streaming in our banners.

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