The ClickTAG variable

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The ClickTAG variable is a tracking tool assigned by a publisher or ad serving network to a flash banner ad. It is also used to link the flash banner to a destination URL.

Okay. But why using ClickTAG when a link – the destination URL – can be hard coded into the SWF itself? Well, that’s because hard coding the click-through URL into the SWF would make click counting impossible. And that would kill the CPC advertising system – the popular system Google uses too.
Also, the ClickTAG variable has many other advantages:

    1. Both sides – advertiser and publisher – can count clicks-throughs
    2. You don’t need to modify the SWF itself if you need to change the destination URL
    3. The destination URL can be easily checked without the help of a flash programmer


If you use BannerSnack to create banners and you need to advertise with “Publisher X” all you have to do is send it the exported SWF file and the destination URL where you would like the users land after clicking your ad.

However, if you want to embed the SWF yourself, you can use the ClickTAG SWF embed code generator or use this alternate method:

<object type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” data=”” width=”300″ height=”250″>

<param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always”/>

<param name=”movie” value=”“/>

<param name=”bgcolor” value=”#FFFFFF”></object>


If you use BannerSnack to create flash headers, change the _blank value with _self.

9 Responses to “The ClickTAG variable”

  1. Judith says:

    First, I love this site, I think that the same guy at TutVid does the tutorials here, sound like him. Anyway you guys rock!

    Here’s the question: So when I use the ClickTAG generator and embedded it in my site, how or who do keeps track of the clicks?? Through my webhost stats?

  2. clickTAGer says:

    Don’t forget!
    It’s important to make sure that SWF file and HTML parameters are the same case clickTAG or clickTag

    ad-networks use two different cases TAG or Tag (very rare versions clicktag, ClickTag,…)
    Sometimes it’s headache for banner-ad producers
    They always must know final (exact) requirements for this variable

  3. Creator says:

    Judith, if you embed the banner into your website, you should keep track of the clickthroughs. Probably there are especially designed applications to do that, but you can also use an analytics tool, such as Google Analytics.

    clickTAGer, I heard of that. I’m not sure why do they keep it case sensitive at all. It shouldn’t matter whether you write it clickTag or cLiCkTaG.

  4. Dan Reez says:

    I don’t know how- but we can’t seem to remove the Bannersnack ad from our feed. None of can seem to figure out how the Bannersnack ad got in there:

    It’s dated, and we need to get rid of it. Got any ideas? Was that done here on Bannersnack?


  5. Creator says:

    Hello Dan! Could you contact us via email? We’ll try to help you!

  6. surman says:


    Is it possible extract which the variable is used in URL (‘clickTag/clickTAG/clicktag’)?

    I want to create a dynamic function that it can to detect the variable correct, but I dont know how I can to extract the URL destination of the Flash…

    Can you help me?


  7. Creator says:

    @surman Hi there, can you please contact us via email for technical support? contact[at]

  8. Jishnu says:

    This code is not working.

  9. Jani Rad says:

    @Jishnu, did you contact our support team?

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