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In a previous post we saw what an interactive banner ad looks like. Now it’s time to figure out what a rich media banner is, ’cause advertisers are rightfully crazy about them: they work much better than the conventional ones.

Let’s play with an example and then talk a little about it. Roll over:

Now, the first thing that you notice is that it starts playing audio when you roll over it. Thus, from the start we can see that the banner is interactive.  What makes it a rich media banner? That’s pretty simple: images, text, video and sound. Rich media banners are also called multimedia banners.

Let’s try a definition here:

Rich media banners are flash banners that employ images, text, sound and video. They are often interactive, inviting the user to play a game, navigate through different “pages”, turn the sound on/off, select an item from a drop-down, pause the video and so on. Also, a rich media banner can use several other technologies besides flash, such as Java, Javascript, and DHTML.

Note that some sources put the equal sign between interactive banners and rich media banners and even between rich media banners and flash banners, since a flash banner usually employ images and text and thus being classified as a multimedia banner. However, we think it’s useful and “educational” to emphasize the differences between these three types of flash banners.

The ad we’ve used in this article was created with BannerSnack. Can you guess how? We’ve added a YouTube video, we’ve hidden the YouTube player progress bar by covering it with a clipart and text. Easy, right?

Here’s another similar example:

7 Responses to “Rich Media Banners”

  1. danjim says:

    This is good! I just wonder if banner snaack has the ability to do things like this(rich media banners). Very interesting!

  2. ricardo says:

    Muito bom esse post, vc me ajudou muito agora so tenho que ver quantas vezes sera postado no site esse tipo de banner. Vlw pelo post

  3. SpletniAgent says:

    Yes, I am also agree with danjim. I am waiting for possibility to add videos and other rich media to bannersnack.

  4. Nuno says:

    Is it possible to create rich-media banners with bannersnack? Thats also good for education purposes.

  5. Criação de Banners Flash says:

    Hello! Where is the example of rich media banner? Can you post a link or other similar banner? It is no longer being displayed … Thanks!

  6. chicago web agency says:

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources
    back to your blog? My blog is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would really benefit from a lot of the
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  7. Creator says:

    Sure, no problem!

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