Bannersnack update: Responsive scale HTML banners, Duplicate banners and more


Since we launched the new Bannersnack we are constantly working on improving our banner creator tool with new features, updates and content that can save our users time and energy.  

If you are a regular user of Bannersnack you will notice that every new seasons is coming through we are updating our templates with new design, for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social networks. But we are continually talking with our users and observing how they approach our tool and what struggles do they have in a regular day.

So we launch a few new updates that definitely will give you a glimpse on why Bannersnack is the best banner design tool you should try it right now.

Without no further discussion, here are some of the new features that we have been working on since the last time you’ve visited our tool:

1. Responsive scale for HTML5 banners.

From now on all HTML5 banners will be responsive by default and you can disable or enable this from the embed options. This means that all banners will scale proportionally based on the available space.

So it doesn’t matter if you embed your banner ad on a website, blog or a different page on your website you will see the entire banner on every device you look at it, tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop.

2. Duplicate banners in “My banners”

This is will save you a lot of time and energy. Think about the moment when you designed a banner ad and you wanted to duplicate that specific banner just because you wanted to a/b test the message, the CTA button or the color. Now you don’t have to start all over again.

Just go on “My banners” page and select the one you want to duplicate and voila. This is what we call optimizing time to have more time for another coffee or your favorite Netflix.

3. Flip layers horizontally and vertically

You now have much more control over your shapes, images and clip-arts with the option to flip vertically and horizontally. So you don’t have to scale them, rotate them or do other things that will get you nervous about it. Just click the image, go to layers section and use how do you want to flip the object you want.

Do you want a better banner design tool?

We are working on creating a feature that will blast your inspiration and help you create more content for your social media presence or launch a display campaign with different banner ad size without even creating them from scratch.

What you have to do is go to this link, let your email and and we take care of rest.

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