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We’re back on track with a new edition of Weekly Snacks! We recharged our batteries during these last few weeks and we hope you did too. It’s gonna be a long year, full of releases, updates and news that we’ll share with you. So let’s get started and see what has happened when we were gone!

Twitter confirms it will shutter Vine on January 17

Vine is officially dead but soon it will rise from its own ashes like a Phoenix and coming back to us as Vine Camera on 17th of January.  You can find more details about why Twitter chose to do this to Vine and ways through which you can preserve you vines and followers before the app will no longer be available.

Medium will eliminate its Promoted Stories ad product following layoffs

Medium has been rethinking its business model and got to the decision of eliminating its Promoted Stories option. We know it couldn’t have been easy taking this decision, but we’re sure they’re doing what’s best for the business and the users.

“In building out this model, we realized we didn’t yet have the right solution to the big question of driving payment for quality content. We had started scaling up the teams to sell and support products that were, at best, incremental improvements on the ad-driven publishing model, not the transformative model we were aiming for.” said Evan Williams, its founder.

How The Associated Press Trains its Journalists To Shoot in 360 Degrees

Facebook has taken the role of teaching users how to create high-quality 360 videos. A few of these tips are thinking of the camera as a person, shooting for longer than a minute and choosing the right angles.

“We think of 360 video as a toolkit that all journalists should have,” says Paul Cheung, director of interactive and digital news production at the AP. “It’s not just a luxury accessory to storytelling. We are creating a lot of enthusiasm by showing that anyone can do it as part of their regular assignment.”

Facebook’s Expanding Access to Their Automated Video Captions Tool

“In February last year, Facebook released a new tool which adds automated captions to video ad content, utilizing the platform’s evolving audio recognition capacity.” Why is this important? It’s a known fact that Facebook videos autoplay without sound. And that means that advertisers miss a chance of grabbing peoples attention, reason why Facebook decided to introduce automated captions to video ad content.

Bannersnack’s Banner Generator

The Banner Generator is an upcoming feature designed to save you a lot of time and effort while creating a banner with multiple size variations. It will automate and optimize the process, thus simplifying your workflow. Subscribe if you want to be among the first ones testing this new feature we’ll be soon releasing!

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