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instagram ads templates

In the last few years, Instagram grew into one of the most popular social media tools. In its first two years, it gained over 100 million users, hitting the big number of 500 million active monthly users this summer.  

Instagram easily became one of the favourite tools for marketers and designers by constantly updating and improving its features. It changed its logo, its algorithm and introduced landscape and portrait modes leaving its square trademark photos behind. The feature most marketers eagerly waited for was rolling out support for multiple accounts.

But the most valuable thing you can do for your business is advertising on Instagram.

Why wouldn’t you want to do that on a network with over 300 million active daily users?

So, what are these ads and how can you advertise on Instagram?

An Instagram ad represents a regular Instagram photo or video. The only thing that distinguishes an ad from other posts is the “Sponsored” mark above the post, where the posting time is generally shown.

Instagram has many advertising opportunities. The first reason you should at least try their ads for your brand, is the time spent by users on their mobile devices.

According to TechCrunch: “79% of smartphone owners use apps nearly every day, saying they use them at least 26 days per month, versus 52% for tablet users” 

When you have more than 500M users in your community, then you are definitely one of the world’s largest mobile ads platform.

Many marketers are having the same questions and doubts as they had when Facebook launched their first advertising platform or when Google rolled out their PPC campaigns for every brand out there. Are Instagram Ads Effective?

When your online campaign main goals are to send people to your website from an ad,   make them engage with your content through mobile or you just want to tell them a story using video or photo, then Instagram Ads are the best choice for your online marketing strategy.

FClovia Fashionsor example, Clovia is a lingerie brand that used Instagram ads to make women from India have better experiences when buying such a personal product, like lingerie, using mobile. They visually showcased their product and outlined the price offer. Then they used a simple copy with a clear CTA “SHOP NOW”.

After 3 months, they saw a 10% increase in sales revenue and a 6% lift in conversions. Reaching the right audience and optimizing the campaign constantly allowed the brand to be cost-effective.


Last year we designed an infographic where we shown our audience what elements they should use to create an awesome Instagram Ad.  

Lately, we realized that many marketers struggle with creating compelling Instagram banner.

That’s why we’ve created 17 templates from which they can start designing great visual content  for their account and also for their first ad on Instagram.

Art Template

When you are an artist, attention to detail is really important. Especially when you’re working with delicate products like jewelry. Try using elegant colors and simple fonts.


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Cinematography Template

Cinematography is all about delivering something everybody wants to see. Transform your ad into a more clickable one by using bold fonts and statements.


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Automotive Template

What do people look for in a car? They want them to be safe, comfortable, fast. Make an ad just like the cars you’re selling.


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Start-Up template

What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you think about start-ups? Networking maybe? Attract your potential collaborators with a stylish and bold ad.


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Discount Template

Using a sense of urgency can encourage your audience to act right away.


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Fit-Spo Template

What works best in this field are motivational texts. Encourage people by using courageous colors and inspirational photos.


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Small Business Template

When Black Friday will arrive you will be ready with this Instagram template so you can sell your products at the discount you want to offer.


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Traveling Template

If you’re about to make a travel related ad, keep in mind that probably the ones you’re targeting are looking for relaxation. Use light and harmonious colors and sympathetic text to introduce them into that holiday mood.


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Fashion Template

Keep your product in the spotlight by using simple fonts and colors. Use this template to showcase the importance of a classy wardrobe.


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New Collection Templates

Launching a new collection? Congratulations!  Go big for your Instagram Ad and use a daring photography!


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Shop Online Template

Leave an everlasting impression of your brand by using high contrast colors and also a clear message.


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Quote Template

Positive and powerful words can help your brand get noticed.


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Human Resource Template

The best companies have the best teams where people work together and grow together. So if you are looking for the best candidate in your team and you want to advertise on Instagram, you can easily start from this template.


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Wine Template

Big discount? Free shipping? A tasteful Cabernet or an elegant Rose? This Instagram is the right one for you.


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Sale Template

It’s getting easier than before to connect with the right target. It’s only a matter of optimizing the right audience and launching your Instagram ad.


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Travel Template

This template will make your audience grab their back-pack and go out to discover the world.


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Restaurant Template

Show your design skills and impress the audience with mouth-watering dishes that make them instantly click on your ad.


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