Practical tips on monetizing your blog

How could I monetize my blog?

This is a question many bloggers ask themselves when their “careers” reach a certain point. The truth is, it’s not easy. Except for the case your blog has a skyrocketing success and advertisers imminently hear about you… But most blogs aren’t like that. And don’t have to. Most blogs “grow” slowly and steadily and many successful ones treat a certain subject, or niche.

So how do they manage to sell some advertising space?

Well, they can resort to AdSense and other third parties, or they can sell their space directly. On the latter I’ve found a great article on SmartBloggerz. I’ll quote some of it:

Are You Confused How are you going to find sponsors/advertisers for your blog? You can either carry out this task yourself or can place your Advertising Space for sale on other websites.

Finding advertisers yourself:

  • Probably you will get advertisers whose products, services etc. directly corresponds to your target audience;
  • The sites that are advertising with your blog competitors or related blogs are a good start to get advertisers. You can contact sites that are advertising on these sites and ask them if they wish to advertise on your blog.
  • You will need to contact each potential advertiser, one by one with a professional looking e-mail asking if they are interested in buyingadvertising space on your blog . The email must include an attachment or link to a page which includes analysis (statistics), prices, testimonials, a description ofyour blog etc.
  • Personalize the email stating where you found the website and why you believe they would wish to advertise with your blog. You won’t get a favorable response to a a standard and impersonal email.
  • Keep a record of who you’ve contacted and their response.
  • Remember to follow up on an email and offer some great deals to get noticed.

Read the whole article here. It gets even better.

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