Flash banners vs. GIF banners vs. Static banners II

Static banners

A static banner takes the shape of an image that might contain graphics and text. Most of these static banners are .jpg files, but you can also find them in .png, and .gif. GIF banners can be static and animated, but we’ll talk more about GIFs in the next “lesson”.



  1. They are accepted by most publishers
  2. Low file size
  3. They do not require any plugins for the users to view them
  4. To make a JPG, PNG or static GIF banners you do not need a flash programmer*
  5. One could hardly say about a static banner that it’s annoying
  6. Static banners work on mobile devices


  1. They are not as eye catching as the animated ones are (read more about flash banners)
  2. Static banners are not interactive
  3. They contain a relatively limited amout of information
  4. Are easily ingnored and less effective (lower CTR)
*Until the launch of BannerSnack – The quick & easy banner maker, skeduled in December. From then on you’ll be able to make flash ads without a flasher. Sign up for a FREE BannerSnack license.


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