ClickTAG swf embed code generator

The introduction of SWF export feature has pleased many of you. However, odds are that a big part of you haven’t ever worked with SWF files before. And the biggest challenge is to embed them properly into a website.

That’s why we made this easy to use embed code generator that will help you compile the perfect* swf embed code:

Download the SWF embed code generator here.

Quick tutorial

  1. SWF path – Paste here the SWF file’s location.
  2. Width & Height – Set the banner’s dimensions (e.g. 300×250)
  3. Color – Set the background color that will apear while the SWF is loading
  4. ClickTAG – Fill the the web address that will open on click (leave blank if you don’t want your banner to link anywhere)
  5. ClickTarget – Leave _blank if you want the URL to open in another tab/window or choose _self if you want the URL to open in the same tab/window.
  6. Copy the code and embed it anywhere you want.

* The ClickTAG swf embed code generator is compliant with the HTML W3 standard for SWF embed code, including the IAB ClickTAG standard, Flash ActionScript 1, ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3.


  1. Samantha
  2. Marcin
  3. Samantha
  4. Marcin
  5. Marcin
  6. Marcin
  7. Dawid
  8. Antony
  9. Rezmin
  10. John
  11. Roy
  12. JR
  13. Dario
  14. David
  15. Maria Hardy
  16. Zlaya
  17. Bernie
  18. Jazz
  19. Tom
  20. Kevin
  21. ray
  22. asad
  23. Mil
  24. Ankhaa

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