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The introduction of SWF export feature has pleased many of you. However, odds are that a big part of you haven’t ever worked with SWF files before. And the biggest challenge is to embed them properly into a website.

That’s why we made this easy to use embed code generator that will help you compile the perfect* swf embed code:



Download the SWF embed code generator here.

Quick tutorial

  1. SWF path – Paste here the SWF file’s location.
  2. Width & Height – Set the banner’s dimensions (e.g. 300×250)
  3. Color – Set the background color that will apear while the SWF is loading
  4. ClickTAG – Fill the the web address that will open on click (leave blank if you don’t want your banner to link anywhere)
  5. ClickTarget – Leave _blank if you want the URL to open in another tab/window or choose _self if you want the URL to open in the same tab/window.
  6. Copy the code and embed it anywhere you want.

* The ClickTAG swf embed code generator is compliant with the HTML W3 standard for SWF embed code, including the IAB ClickTAG standard, Flash ActionScript 1, ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3.

48 Responses to “ClickTAG swf embed code generator”

  1. Samantha says:

    Hi There,

    How do I access this generator? When I go to export my swf file I do not get this screen I only get the file resolution screen!



  2. Creator says:

    Hello, Samantha!
    For now, the only place where you can access this generator is this page.

    In order for this generator to work, you need to host your SWF file somewhere so that you can have a permanent web address to it.

  3. Marcin says:

    SWF – option Export to SWF should have the possibility of adding active link
    Please please please please

  4. Samantha says:

    Hi Marcin,

    Thanks for your help. The problem with this page is that the above code generator looks like a graphic and not a form! It does not look interactive but like a screen capture…that is why I’ve been looking for it forever!!!

  5. Creator says:

    Hello, Marcin! You mean interactive banners? Actually there is a poll right here where you can vote for a new feature. The best scoring features will be implemented first.

    Samantha, obviously we need to improve this SWF code generator. We’ll take a look at it soon.

  6. Marcin says:


    I mean. Add link (url)
    when i save new banner to swf.

  7. Marcin says:

    I need a new function.
    Add a link to a banner at a time when save to a file SWF.

  8. Creator says:

    You can add a link to the banner only after you download your SWF file (and host it on the Internet), using the ClickTAG variable.

    In other words you need a HTML embed code for the SWF to work with link, and the above generator allows you to do just that.

  9. Marcin says:

    Ok, thank you.
    I have a new program – SWF Easy 6.1

  10. Dale says:

    Hey, just wanted to thank you for this. I maintain an ad-based website and was just sent a .swf ad without the embed code. Your generator saved me a good amount of running around trying to piece together the embed code.


  11. Creator says:

    You’re welcome, Dale!

  12. Judith says:

    So, to be clear, I can’t really use the geenerator until I buy the .swf version. Other than that, there is no way for me to know what the .swf file is named. Is that correct? I am using the free version right now –

    Going to buy though for sure cuz I love your program, waiting on pay day. I do however have your banner on my myspace. in case you are bored and want to check me out.

    Also the tutorials are done by that guy that does the Tutvid stuff aren’t they? (sounds like him) I love his tutorials, learned how to move from tables to divs with his stuff!

    Peace Out-

  13. Terrie says:

    your generator works great!! except when I click on the banner on my site it doesn’t go any where. I really need to be able to click on the add and go to the advertisers website, Please advise.

  14. Dawid says:

    How I can add active link to my banner?

  15. Antony says:

    Yeah the linking doesn’t work. How do I link my SWF to another URL?

  16. Rezmin says:

    Will it be possible to create links for each slide, for different web links within one banner?

  17. Creator says:

    Hi Rezmin,

    For the moment no, but in the very near future we’re going to launch a major update that will enable you to put multiple links.

  18. John says:

    FYI, Height is spelled H.e.i.g.h.t

  19. Creator says:

    You are right John, sorry.

  20. Cosimo says:

    how can I upload swf file into the swf path, for example, bring it from my hard disk? And more: the result swf is possible to download?

  21. Creator says:

    Hi Cosimo,

    You need to host your SWF file somewhere on the internet, so that you can have a permanent link to it, for example:

    In the SWF path, all you have to do is paste this permanent link.

  22. Roy says:

    I made it right but my problem was that Im using free membership in t35 and the swf file is 5 MB and it cant be downloaded so I upload it in megaupload the download link is , where it doesnt end in swf.

    so my flash is hosted @ megaupload but i dont know the code to embed it in my site…. BTW im using dreamweaver.. Thanks…

    Hope you can respond….

  23. JR says:

    Hi! please tell me where to get the SWF file path of the banner i have saved in my pc in order for me to get the code.Thanks

  24. Creator says:

    Hi JR,

    You need to host your SWF file somewhere on the Internet. You could use your server or some free hosting service. The SWF path should look something like this:

  25. Richard says:

    HI, I have read this article and wondered if anyone is able to offer some help!

    I have added the generated code in to the html of my website and it opens the flash icon up absolutly fine, but for some reason, it just wont open up the target page – I use Homestead to host my website – so if anyone can suggest any changes I need to make to open the target page, I would really be appreciated as its driving me insaine….

    Many thanks

  26. Dave says:

    i am looking a url code into embed generator for just this site to put in background pic behind text.

  27. Dario says:

    I have just downloaded swf banner and uploaded it to Google AdManager system. But there is an error: The flash file doesn’t contain a clickTAG. This creative requires a clickTAG; add one to the file and upload the file again.
    Please, can you tell me what is wrong and how can I fix it?

    Best regards

  28. Nery Lamie says:

    Check this site it’s the only one i use

  29. bret says:

    Thanks Great Tool

  30. David says:

    I tried this but the link does not seem to be working on myspace.

    Any tips?

  31. Randall Elkins says:

    For those of you who are having trouble getting it to work.

    Check where it says ClickTag and Change it to ClickTAG chances are thats your issue.

  32. Maria Hardy says:

    Hi I just downloaded the code generator in .zip format and it tells me it cannot be found to launch .exe file. I’ve tried it several times. Please advise, I just purchased the premium account.


  33. myun says:

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    blog myun

  34. [...] ClickTAG swf embed code generator | BannerSnack blog [...]

  35. James says:

    I’m trying to make a rolling ad banner that will be displayed on my website. Showing some of our special offers. As each one is displayed I want the viewers to be able to click that item and be taken to their page.

    Can this be done or is this only possible with interactive banners?

  36. ronny says:

    Hello. I was wondering if you could help me and others with posting visual / audio comments on myspace now since it’s not as easy as it used to be. If I want to post some pictures from my profile on somebody elses page how do I do it? Do I embed the code of this picture in the comment? But how do I create the embed code when myspace allows this to limited amount of pictures. And how do I define the size of my comment?

    Please help me to resolve this troubling issue. I am complete novice

  37. medical assistant says:

    Two thumbs up!!!

    I have been trying to get this damn thing to work for hours. I searched on different forums try to get the correct code to pass destination url for my banner but with now luck. Your solution is top notch man. Thanks!

  38. Zlaya says:

    Great! I was looking something like this for 3 hours! THANK YOU :))

  39. Morty says:

    Thanks for your generator – I have only one problem with it: It generates variable “clickTag” but all banners I have worked with (or created) were using variable “clickTAG”.
    …just mentioning for people that says, it’s not working for them.
    Anyway, good job!

  40. Bernie says:

    What if I have 2 clicktags in 1 ad, for example

    clickTag1 and clickTag2


  41. Jazz says:

    Hi I ve downloaded and used the generator,
    uploaded to my website on a pgae but when I click on my banner Nothing happens at all.

    is anyone having the same issue and has anyone solved this as to why it’s not working?

  42. Carlos de Guzman says:

    Hi! Thanks for this!

    The link showed the swf banner file indeed but the website where it’s linked to is not working?

    Thanks :) Let me know if there’s a fix to this. Really want to put a link on my flash banner

  43. Tom says:

    bannersnack is not “ClickTAG” compliant. It’s “clickTag” compliant. Adobe Flash versions 8, 9, and 10 treat ClickTAG case sensitively. Google now requires ClickTAG.

    If the exchange network your customer uses requires ClickTAG, a bannersnack’s clickTag banner will not work.

  44. Deepak Singh says:

    Thanks for this.
    I need to insert a banner, just like the various advertisement networks do.
    But I can see they are not swf file, as they don’t require any flash player still they are animated and work on all browsers even without requiring any flash plugin.
    Can you give me some idea about that ? How is that accomplished ?

  45. Kevin says:

    Perfect! Thank you!

  46. ray says:

    is great info !!!!!

  47. helen says:

    gracias por el post estuvo interesantisimo

  48. asad says:

    ohhh it worked… thnx

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