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5 ways to build trust in your display ads

What are the odds that you’ll click the next banner ad you see? Some stats suggest that you’re more likely to survive a plane crash or give birth to twins than to click a banner ad.

Even if scary, stats like that are based on some cold, hard facts.

Display advertising campaigns are renowned for their critically low click through rates, when compared to search advertising campaigns.

Your guide to Google display ads

Whether you want to start running display ads to get more customers or whether you want to start retargeting/remarketing on the Google Display Network, you need to create specific ads.

What’s great about display ads is that they go beyond text. You can use images, text, colors, buttons and even animations to convey your message more effectively.

Still, what size should you choose for your Google display ads? One or more slides? What should you add in your ad? Is there anything you can do to get better performance?

Display performance 101: Conversions and conversion rates

Part of what makes online advertising interesting is the fact that it allows you to track performance. That and many ways in which you can get granular with the details on who you want to show your ads to. But more on that another time.

With digital marketing, you have the tools that enable you to find out how you’re measuring against your objectives. Still, good tools aren’t enough. You also need to select the most relevant metrics.

Why you need to reconsider the death of the banner ad

The banner ad turned 20 in October last year. Along the way, many have praised its death countless times and others have publicly expressed their disdain.

Still, the banner ad remains the primary way for publishers to make money online and it is backed by some advertising professionals.

No doubt, the banner ad gets the blame for most of what’s wrong with the internet today: poor user experience, a lack of a solid and unitary privacy policy, intrusiveness and lagging effectiveness for display advertising.

But is it correct to blame the banner ad for everything?

4 less talked about, but important display advertising trends in 2015

In October 2014, Google wowed the world when they released the surprising stat that only 44,6% of online impressions are viewable. This gave birth to a heated debate on viewability and on how it will affect display advertising in 2015.

Undoubtedly, viewability will be a much-discussed topic this year, along with mobile usage growth, the rise in programmatic ad buying, content marketing buzz and native ads. These topics received a lot of attention from the media and thus have emerged as key trends and predictions for online advertising in 2015.

8 online advertising lessons from Ogilvy

At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.” The classic Rolls Royce ad was crafted by none other than David Ogilvy, also knows as “the Father of Advertising”.

David Ogilvy shaped the advertising world and inspired a lot of people to start a career in advertising. His research-grounded researched helped him craft simple, creative ads that both stuck and delivered results.

Even if advertising has evolved from mostly print and advertorials to static and interactive banner ads, there are some David Ogilvy timeless insights that apply to online advertising.