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How To Design a Banner Ad in 3 Steps

Recently, I’ve been reading an article on creativity in advertising and it started with an interesting quote from a Chief Creative Office:

“Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. Creative advertising is more memorable, longer lasting, works with less media spending, and builds a fan community… faster.” source

So I got to think about the importance of creativity in advertising today, even if we talk about traditional advertising or digital advertising. Creativity never gets old and it will always be in the top of everything a marketer, advertiser or designer does.

Creativity is a major player in everything happening today, including banner ads design.

6 reasons why classic search engine text ads might not be a good idea

Everyone is familiar with search engine text ads. Some even confuse them with the organic search results as they’re featured above and on the right hand side of them.

No doubt, search engine text ads are an important part of any search engine marketing strategy. For anyone interested in getting more traffic, in increasing sales or lead generation, text search ads can be a good way to get results fast.