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The Game of Banner Ads: HTML5 vs GIFs

Let’s get something straight right from the beginning. The whole process of planning, creating and monitoring a Banner Ad campaign is a hassle. We know it, you know it, everybody knows it. And that’s fine. Nothing that’s high quality and has great ROI isn’t easy. And if some life-coach told you that it was, he was lying! So, now that we settled that banner ads aren’t an easy job, let’s see how we can make the experience more pleasurable and aimed for success.

What Is Parallax and How To Impress Your Readers

If you are creating a website, you definitely want it to look astonishing in order to impress your visitors. You carefully choose images that will be presented on your page, you arrange them in the most logical order, and you want them to have a considerable impact on your customers or readers. One of the effects that can help you create a more impressive website is Parallax. Here, you can find out what Parallax is and have a look at the examples of templates that use it.

5 Great Advertisement Ideas For You to Get Inspired From!

advertisement ideas

Are you looking for advertisement ideas for your next campaign? You sure are lucky, because that’s what we’re talking about today!

If there’s something that comes and goes from our lives (besides money, luck and people) it sure is inspiration! We know how difficult finding something that hasn’t been done before is, but luckily no one ever got hurt from getting inspiration from one or another. That’s why in this article we’re bringing into spotlight 5 great advertisement ideas from which you can get your inspiration!

How Does Banner Advertising Work?

How Does Banner Advertising Work

There is a lot of talking around banner design and banner advertising.

In this article we will show you how banner advertising works.  

But first of all, let’s see who has launched the first banner ad and which website hosted it. The fact is that the first banner ad is so popular among all the online advertising tactics that it’s having its own domain called –