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How to Make Promoted Pins


One thing that always gets me back to my childhood is seeing all the scrapbooks my mom and I made. We used to spend Saturday evenings sorting photos and gluing them to colored, full of sprinkles paper.

Nowadays, we’re not doing that anymore, but we still spend quality time together while being creative and getting inspiration from the online.

As you would’ve expected, we’re doing that on Pinterest. There’s no other platform that resembles so much to a scrapbook and it’s a great place to gather ideas from.

What You Need to Know About Fonts in Social Media Ads


Did you ever receive a handwritten letter? If so, you must remember how important the style of the handwriting was. It could tell you a lot about the personality of the sender, of the mood he was in when he wrote the letter. Whether he rushed into writing it or he took his time.

You could even tell if the sender was creative or impatient. Basically, your handwriting is your message’s signature, its body language. And you wouldn’t read an incomprehensible letter, or you wouldn’t pay much attention to one that clearly did not have much interest put into, would you?

How to Get More Website Traffic Using Facebook Ads

How to Get Much Website Traffic Using Facebook Ads 1360x700-01

Everyone knows that Facebook Advertising gives an excellent chance to get that much-targeted traffic. Shareholic reports that Facebook generates 23.39% of overall traffic to websites. And over the last year, its traffic share has skyrocketed by 14%.

If you have an e-commerce website, you will be surprised how Facebook ads can help you drive more targeted traffic to your site. Despite the recent notification Facebook has decreased organic reach, but advertising can be critically important for online marketers.