A major BannerSnack update was just launched!

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Maybe you’ve noticed that BannerSnack was down for a few hours. Due to a “scheduled maintenance, and website update” it read.

You’re probably wondering what’s new on BannerSnack as a result of this update. Well, let’s see:

  • Website interface redesign. You’ll notice a clean, more web 2.0 design for the BannerSnack homepage and other subpages.
  • SWF output. Yes, the most-wanted feature for BannerSnack, the ability to export your banners to a SWF and download them to your machines, is now up and running!

  • Banner templates. The second most wanted feature for BannerSnack was the introduction of flash banner templates. They are grouped by industry. We hope you’ll find them useful and inspiring.
  • New fonts. More than a dozen fonts have been added to the BannerSnack Application giving you more creative flexibility than before.
  • Vector clip-arts. Hundreds of vectorial shapes and buttons are now ready to help you create even more catchy banners.
  • Several usability improvements. It’s pointless to mention them all here; you will notice them when working with the Application. We hope these improvements will make BannerSnack easier and quickier to use.

Now what are you waiting for? Play with the application right away and discover all the new features for yourselves!

3 Responses to “A major BannerSnack update was just launched!”

  1. Madterrapin says:

    Good work fellas – keep an eye on your bank balance; this does the trick and will get my £’s!

    P.S. any chance you could work on interactive buttons next? =)

  2. Creator says:

    Madterrapin, we’ve already thought about that. Probably in the next update.

  3. Mike Foston says:

    This just keeps getting better. I’m working on ways to use this across every site I maintain one way or another, I keep thinking of new uses. Superb! Thanks!

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