Standard Banner Sizes

We mentioned something about how important are the banner metrics in banner advertising. And the most significant metric regarding banners is the banner size, measured Width x Height in pixels (px).

The idea is that a banner can be made in virtually any banner size you wish. That’s pretty cool. And yet, if every advertiser would create its banners using its own size preferences, there would be chaos. Websites would look like sloppy collages, publishers would create in-house standards for the banners they accept, media agencies would work hard creating custom banners for every website they want to advertise on and so on.

But that doesn’t happen. Because there are standard banner sizes. And a huge role in wide-spreading those standards plays the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The previous banner ad packs (Rectangles and Pop-Ups pack, Banners and Buttons pack and Skyscrapers pack) have been replaced by the Universal Ad Package, a set of four ad sizes that comply with IAB guidelines.

IAB Universal Ad Package:

For more information, visit the IAB Ad Units Guidelines.

You will find the most standard banner sizes in our banner ad maker , and lots of templates for them. You will also find some special banner ad sizes for Facebook:

  • Facebook ads: 600 x 315
  • Facebook covers: 851 x 315
  • Facebook posts: 940 x 788

Go to BannerSnack and make your own banners, easy!



We recently created an infographic concerning web banner size and how the affect your conversions.

It’s crucial for the advertiser to know what banner size is best fitted for his display ad campaign because, frankly, the size matters when you display a banner ad.
Without further ado, here is the latest data on standard display ad sizes and other approved web banner sizes to help you select the best size.

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