Which banner sizes perform better?

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Let’s view this chart: [singlepic=3,550,305,,]

Source: Eyeblaster Research Global Benchmark Report 2009

What does it tell us? Well, besides that Rich Media banners perform better that the classic static ones, pretty nothing. Sure, the full banner format 234x60px and the rectangle 180x150px are a bit of a surprise given their small dimensions.

But does that mean you should go for these formats? Not necessarily. What if you need to integrate a video for instance? Would a 180x150px help? I doubt that.

I tell you what. Format is the last thing you need to think of before starting a banner advertising campaign. Instead think of:

- Your goals. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to create awareness, gather traffic or do you want to create leads?
- Your audience. Who do you want to reach? How do they behave? Do they have a common worldview? Do they use a certain vernacular or jargon?
- The publishers. Where do you intend to advertise? What formats do the publishers accept? Is there a strong competition for attention, or it’s likely that yours will be the only ad on their pages?
- The media. Do you want to use static/image ads or flash/rich media ads?

All the above questions being figured out right, odds that your campaign will be a success, regardless the dimensions in pixels your banners have.

3 Responses to “Which banner sizes perform better?”

  1. Hassan says:

    but accroding to a recent study they found out that banners that border the page like skyscraper and leader board started to be blind points for user but in content ads grap more attention.

  2. Creator says:

    Yes, that may be true. But again it depends on the banner in case. If it looks like valuable content, it will get attention, if not, less probably. We can “filter” banners only when they look like irrelevant ads/spam.

  3. casolmarketing.com says:

    We started using video ads threw the Blip.TV ad network a few months ago and they convert the best in terms of clicks (and advertising dollars). Banner ads still work but much less. Thanks Bannersnack.com for the info. We use 300 x 250 px and leaderboards.

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