Top 5 advantages of AS3 over AS2 (or why should Google AdWords accept ActionScript 3.0 banners)

ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) replaced ActionScript 2.0 (AS2) back in 2006. Ever since then, the new language proved to be a great success, for many reasons. I will especially name the ones that are relevant to us, the end users:

1. ActionScript 3.0 is faster. Because for AS3 code, Flash Player 9 & 10 use the video card directly, AS3 flash animations use less CPU power. In other words, your computer works better with AS3 flash.

2. Smoother graphics. As a consequence of using the video card directly, ActionScript 3.0 can render smoother, video game-like graphics.

3. 3D effects. In ActionScript 3.0 you can create 3D animations like those you can find in the BannerSnack app. In ActionScript 2.0 it’s virtually impossible to do that.

4. Complex effects & custom tweening. ActionScript 3.0 allows programmers to create more complex, movie-like, spectacular and eye-catchy animations than ever! Look at what BannerSnack or FlashEff can do – 90% of what these apps can do would be impossible with AS2. Moreover, AS3 allows you to use custom tweening (ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out/strong, back, bounce, elastic etc.) for better CPU resource management and more spectacular animations.

5. Better text animations. ActionScript 3.0 allows for more complex text effects, improved readability and faster & better text rendering. Like with all effects you can find in BannerSnack, most of the text effects can’t be technically developed in AS2.

In spite of Flash Player 9 & 10 having a 99% market penetration, Google AdWords still require your flash ads to be created for Flash Player 4-8, which only can play AS2.

We want to change that, so we started this Facebook fan page: If this cause resonates with you, please become a fan or express your opinion on the Wall.


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