Adobe Flash Player 10.1 will run on mobile devices

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Flash Player on mobile devices!

Yep. No more limitations for web developers, no more limitations for advertisers, no more limitations for online applications builders. At least when it comes for Palm webOS, Google Android, Nokia Symbian, and Microsoft Windows Mobile operating systems. (Yes, iPhone is not included. I wonder why.)

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch presents Flash for mobile devices

(Photo: Stephen Shankland/CNET Networks)

On all of these devices you will be able to install Adobe Flash Player and run any SWF movie clip in your browser, just like you do it on your desktop or laptop machine.

This is huge. This will change the users’ experience with mobile devices, but also the way marketers will converse with mobile users.

Read more about this launch here.

4 Responses to “Adobe Flash Player 10.1 will run on mobile devices”

  1. Constant Gina says:

    Missing from the line-up – at least so far – is Apple. Take a look at what Harry McCracken has to say about that – is Flash support on phones a promise for a multimedia future, or just going to end up meaning those annoying Flash-based ads will also play on your phone, sucking your battery power?

  2. Dentist Lakeland says:

    That’s great news! I really think that there are many people who will love this since there are many who want their phones which is supported by many applications.

  3. Creator says:

    Well Gina, flash is not just for annoying ads. There are websites and applications built in flash. It’s a pity you can’t view them on your phone.

    I’ve heard that the iPhone has a weak CPU that won’t support flash animations… You know how they tend sometimes to stir your processor up to 100%…

  4. Xtiana says:

    I’m finding it difficult to install adobe flash player on my mobile device, can you guys help me out, if it will be posible. Thanks.

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