AB testing for banner ads – CTR and conversion results

Product Layer is a crowd-sourced product information API that lets you retrieve basic product information by scanning barcodes with your iPhone. So they started a campaign trying to find developers that are interested in this project.

They started with a single banner (banner1) but after receiving some feedback about the text, they tried 2 other banners (banner2 and banner3).

See them all below:

CTR results

Banner 1                 20,625 impressions               59 clicks                        0,29% CTR

Banner 2                 14,538 impressions               38 clicks                        0,26% CTR

Banner 3                 14,574 impressions               26 clicks                        0.18% CTR

Judging from this, the first banner “something awesome is coming” was the most efficient ad and the “product-centric apps” ad was the least efficient, probably because the message was not understood by the audience.

Conversion results

Looking at the conversion rates we notice that things are somewhat different: banner 1 is still the most efficient (29% conversion), but it is followed by the banner 3 “product centric” (23%). The (few) people who clicked on this banner were ready to sign up, much unlike the people who clicked on the banner 3. Only 9% of these converted.

Don’t judge the efficiency of a banner on CTR alone. Find a message that brings people on the website and converts them.

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Data source here.

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