A story about promoting a new business online

Jim started a little business, he’s selling dog collars, beds and treats. A friend told him to start a website, so he could sell his things online. “It’s easier to build a website than a brick and mortar store” he said.

Source: J. Star

Jim listened to her and made a nice little website, with great pictures of the products with his pets as the main characters. “Now what?” he said, “Nobody knows I have this website. How can I get to people who could be interested in collars and beds and treats for their playful friends?”

He searched the Internet and read about things like text ads, banners, blogs, email, forums and social media. Text ads work great if you want to reach for people who search for a specific product in a search engine, he read. “That could be a start” he said. Banner ads could be great to show off his beautiful dog supplies and get pet lovers to know about his new store.

For the text ads he went with Google AdWords. It wasn’t difficult at all.

For the banner ads, Jim thought that he will have a little more work to do. He had the pictures, thought about a message and put them togheter. He came up with several versions, but eventually decided for two versions which, he guessed, will work best. Then he searched for some small blogs and websites about pets. He found no trouble finding a few websites that agreed to work on a small budget.

“I could sign up with an ad network. I’ve heard they bring great results, but not on my budget… Hmm, I guess they can wait for a while” Jim spoke to himself.

The first steps returned decent results so he had the time to learn more about promoting his business online. Within few weeks, Jim got very active in several forums, added some comments on blogs that he liked, put his great pictures on Flickr and added some links. Then he made a contest and found what people were thinking about his products. He got great reviews that brought him the energy to continue and a big smile on his face.

This is how Jim started his journey on the Internet and sold products for people like him.

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