25 best practices in banner advertising

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We are happy to offer you “25 best practices in banner advertising”, a short FREE ebook that will help you to dramatically improve the way you advertise online, and eventually create successful banner ads.

The book can be downloaded for free here:

Download ebook

Why you should read this book:

  • The ebook contains dozens of practical pieces of advice that you can apply right away
  • It comprises all the basics of banner advertising
  • It’s short and easy to read
  • The book is based on the experience that we, the people here at BannerSnack, have accumulated interacting with the banner advertising business
  • It’s free

Feel free to post this ebook on your blog or share it with whoever might benefit from reading it. Thank you!

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59 Responses to “25 best practices in banner advertising”

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  2. Doug says:

    When I view this PDF in Preview on a Mac, it scrunches the letters together. When I upload it to Google Docs, I can view fine (I’m guessing on PC it looks fine as well?).

    For example:

  3. Stratocaster says:

    Thanks for the e-book! Effective banner advertising is increasingly important in this highly competitive new internet!

  4. marlén junco says:

    Mil gracioas poestas herramientas son importantes, para mí y para compartirlas.

  5. Robin says:

    This book is really a very good book for all the online marketers.

  6. Cele mai bune 25 de practici în banner advertising says:

    [...] maker Asta promit Codruța Moga și Darius Tulbure în ebook-ul plansat ieri spre download pe blogul BannerSnack. ”Cărțulia” este mai mult o prezentare (ca format) și punctează niște nuanțe [...]

  7. dilen says:

    thanks for the e books, sure i could improve on my ads with this help…

    thanks again

  8. Mark Bowen says:


    Thanks for the offer of the free e-book. Don’t know if it’s just me or not but when I open the downloaded PDF it comes out completely jumbled up with all the letters on the pages over the top of each other. Absolutely impossible to read unfortunately.

    I’m using Safari 4 OSX but I’ve also tried to use Firefox too. Neither work for me I’m afraid. Would love to get hold of a copy if possible some way though.

    Best wishes,


  9. Mark Bowen says:


    Just to let you know that I tried downloading all in all 6 times through different browsers and FTP clients and all had the same problem.

    I was trying to view the PDF in Preview on OSX which just won’t work with this PDF. Never had a problem with any other PDFs before though. Just tried opening the PDF up in Acrobat Reader and it looks fine. Looks like you might have something a little iffy going on with the PDF there maybe?

    Best wishes,


  10. Víctor González says:

    Lastima que no viene en español, pues me viera gustado aprovechar su valioso contenido.

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    [...] ebook’s title is  25 Best Practices In Banner Advertising and it was written to help you dramatically improve the way you advertise online and create [...]

  12. Abdul Hafizh says:

    Wow .. Amazing .. Maybe it can help me to publish my banner .. Thanks ..

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  14. [...] 25 best practices in banner advertising | BannerSnack blog [...]

  15. miriam says:

    thanks for the e book it is important for me.



  17. http://bookmark.giorgiotave.it says:

    [eng] eBook: Come Fare Banner Advertising…

    In questo ebook sono elencate le caratteristiche principali che deve avere un banner pubblicitario, basilare ma essenziale….

  18. Creator says:

    Doug, Mark,

    It’s very strange what’s happening on Mac OS’ Preview. We tested the pdf both on Windows and Mac, Adobe Reader and Preview respectively and we didn’t get this problem. Probably the best idea is to view it with Adobe Reader.


  19. cesar says:

    ya me lo baje , haber si puedo diseñar mejor mis logos

  20. furkadeyn says:

    Thanks for the e-book!

  21. elena says:

    Very good book! Thank you!

  22. jjjj says:

    Just wanted to say that it was maybe the first time in years that i clicked a banner with your button. this is what design should be about everyday, i really want to thank you for making that kind of thing, it works so well
    i actually WENT ON YOUR WEBSITE
    thought these things happened only in dreams. plus your tool is incredibly simple and awesome, what can i say.
    keep up the goodwork guys, you really got points here.

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  24. Download Free PDF says:

    Awsome info dude

  25. vera says:

    Wow! thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!! Great e-book!!!!!!!

  26. du3L says:

    Excellent e-book! Thank you very much anyway. Can I share it as a free gift at my website?

  27. Creator says:

    Thank you all for your appreciation!

    Don’t forget to give this ebook to whoever you think might benefit from reading it.

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    [...] Creating web banners How many of you create web banners for clients? Are they animated or not? I get to create a few from time to time for a produce client of mine. While working the other day I found a free 27 page PDF on the principals of effective banner making. A lot of common sense but still has a lot of good design information. Check it out! http://www.bannersnack.com/blog/25-b…r-advertising/ [...]

  29. [...] decide to share this ebook with whoever might benefit from reading it. You can download this ebook here. var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname="Banner Advertising Practice Ebook"; [...]

  30. Manish Solanki says:

    it is very nice and great e-book for me and animators because in this book very great banner created by righter.

  31. Codruta Moga says:

    Thank you all for your amazing comments!

  32. Hedvig says:

    Just wanted to say that it was maybe the first time in years that i clicked a banner with your button. this is what design should be about everyday, i really want to thank you for making that kind of thing, it works so welli actually WENT ON YOUR WEBSITEthought these things happened only in dreams. plus your tool is incredibly simple and awesome, what can i say.keep up the goodwork guys, you really got points here.

  33. Andrew A. Sailer says:

    Thanks very much for the post. Have added it to one of my favourite blogs.

  34. Banner Ad Resources « Kooljoy.com Blog says:

    [...] 25 Best Practices in Banner Advertising [...]

  35. online grocery store or mall says:

    Appreciate the Free Information. Looking forward to reading the book — Thanks

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  37. Allen says:

    Banner advertising is one of the effective ways and prolific means of advertising for company’s brands on the internet. This blog on the practices
    of banner ads is excellent and good work done.

  38. Robert says:

    Hey, good post. I’ve only read a couple of things on your blog, but they’re both interesting… will stick around. Keep up the good work. ebooks rule (especially free ones!)

  39. Mr Calsaire says:

    Thanx for that ebook !

  40. eleonora says:

    thank you for the guide, but when I open it with preview on my mac, it scrunches the letters together…

  41. Descargar says:

    Hi Me estoy poniendo algunos errores de JS cuando hago clic en algún vínculo aquí .. :(

  42. Mike says:

    Kudos, a great ebook that goes into detail about banner advertising.

  43. lee says:

    haha banner snack banned me couse my facebook got hacked because i sign in with that little icon of facebook on banner snack.. so i left a comment on one of these boards and surprise i try to sign in and it dont reconise my email haha.. nice e book tho…….

  44. Nick says:

    Thanks great book! the best of the best, awesome, its vety cool and good work.

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  46. Tab says:

    Thanks for the ebook, I’m going to read it :D

  47. Alex@ eyeglasses online says:

    Thanks really great tips though I am a beginner cant thank you more for the advice.

  48. charroufa says:

    how can me download my banner??

  49. charroufa says:

    please help me !?how can me download my banner as SWF!!!

  50. penulis kaligrafi says:

    Great,this is what i.m looking for so far,thanks a lot

  51. marc says:

    I tried to fownload E book but noting happened…. what to do ?

  52. Yingfeng says:

    I do like this application!
    The only thing makes me disappoint is that it does not support Chinese at all。

    If you could add this function soon, please let me know, thanks alot.

  53. saifulrony says:

    He he nice ,great collection of ebooks about banner advertising..I need for template designing also…

  54. Katie says:

    Hello Fellow Blogger, I am commenting from Noosa, Australia. Thanks so much for the interesting article. It helped me a lot with my TAFE social studies essay :)

  55. Prodotti dimagranti says:

    Amazing! Thanks a lot for the free useful ebook!

  56. keylogger freeware says:

    Fantastic article about every among the essentials.

  57. Wade says:

    Hello! I simply wish to give a huge thumbs up for the great data you might have right here on this post. I can be coming back to your blog for extra soon.

  58. Qposter says:

    Awesome ebook for knowing more, Thanks for sharing.

  59. bams says:

    Thanks for sharing a awesome ebook :)

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