Monthly Archive: April 2010

25 best practices in banner advertising

We are happy to offer you “25 best practices in banner advertising”, a short FREE ebook that will help you to dramatically improve the way you advertise online, and eventually create successful banner ads.

The book can be downloaded for free here:

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Why you should read this book:

  • The ebook contains dozens of practical pieces of advice that you can apply right away
  • It comprises all the basics of banner advertising
  • It’s short and easy to read
  • The book is based on the experience that we, the people here at BannerSnack, have accumulated interacting with the banner advertising business
  • It’s free

Feel free to post this ebook on your blog or share it with whoever might benefit from reading it. Thank you!

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Embedding flash banners in WordPress hosted blogs

It’s known that WordPress won’t allow users to post flash content on their platform, unless they host their blogs elsewhere. However, there are a few exceptions; WordPress allows you to post *some* flash content, things like YouTube or DailyMotion videos.

What I’ve discovered is that WordPress allows you to post many other kinds of flash banners and content on your blog, including SnackTools widgets like banners and music playlists. You only need Gigya.

Read more here.

*Disclaimer: We decided that we’ll be focusing on developing more HTML5 features and disconnect the Flash editor. Find more info about this here. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information or have any queries about our product.