Monthly Archive: December 2009

The new SnackTools apps are live

We’ve just made everything better!


The BannerSnack and PhotoSnack apps are now updated with lots of cool new features that will make your life much easier and fun. Also, some old features were discontinued. Find out more about the new releases for BannerSnack and for PhotoSnack


Starting today, a new SnackTools platform and payment system has been released. The new subscriptions are different from the previous ones. Now you have access to every editing feature without limitations, for free. However, in order to get rid of the watermark and/or to download the files you will need to pay a few “points”. Also, you have the option to get these points only when you need them, so you are no longer conditioned by an ongoing subscription.

For those having an ongoing subscription: all current ongoing subscriptions remain active and you will not be charged more than previously. Moreover, you’re going to get a larger value for the same money as follows:
As a loyalty offer, if you previously had the $9 monthly subscription, it will be automatically upgraded for free to the new $19 monthly subscription. Also, if you previously had the $19 monthly subscription, it will be automatically upgraded for free to the new $39 monthly subscription. You will pay exactly the same amount you paid before but you’ll get everything inside the new subscriptions for as long as you keep the subscription going. You can cancel this subscriptions anytime from your SnackTools account but in that case you will not be able to recall this offer.

Canceling your subscriptions will take effect only on your next billing cycle. You will be able to use the new license until the end of your current billing cycle.Finally

Please take a couple of minutes to evaluate the new payment options.

We apologize for any inconvenience that could arise with this update. The main purpose of the update is to increase your satisfaction by making everything better. For any issues that you may have, please use the feedback button that can be found in the right side of our pages.

Google AdWords: watermarked advertising

It’s a common practice for online services to offer two kinds of licenses: free & premium. The free licenses usually imply including a linking watermark on the widget or file the user is getting – be it a video, a banner, a poll, a photo gallery, you name it. The premium licenses include different extra features, among which one of the most important is getting rid of the linking watermark.

Google AdWords employees don’t think so. They think adding a watermark on your banner ads is OK. Here’s the result:

Google AdWords watermark

They’ve got a link to their page and a marketing message on your banner ad! An ad for Google AdWords in the space where your ad was supposed to be! You might as well think that AdWords is a free service, but it isn’t.

What if SnackTools would have a similar policy? What would happen if BannerSnack stuck its watermark – or “user bar” as Google like to call it – on your banners, no matter if you pay or not for the service? Here’s what the ad above would look like:

Google AdWords & BannerSnack watermarks

B-E-A-utiful! Your banner advertising campaign will certainly be a GREAT SUCCESS! Sure, they might say that the black bar contains a link to your website, but the banner already links to your website!

More seriously, this is not even by far the biggest problem AdWords has. Their biggest problem is their stubbornness as they still refuse to accept ActionScript 3 flash banners (4 years passed since the standard was introduced). As you probably know, the banners you create with BannerSnack are all ActionScript 3, thus the compatibility problems with AdWords.

We hope 2010 will bring us some good news from Google. Not for us, but for you, our community, so you can work with AdWords, which otherwise is a very handy and cost-effective service.

What’s new to BannerSnack

Let’s see what you can find in the new BannerSnack app:

1. Subscription NOT needed for premium services; you can pay per banner now

Some months ago we launched a poll asking you to choose a pricing model for the future BannerSnack (and consequently for all SnackTools apps). The results looked like this:

As we can see, the pay per banner option is the most popular, so we had to find a way to make it available for our users. The answer was SnackTools points, a currency you can use to pay for the premium features in all of the SnackTools apps. Click here to learn more about the SnackTools points.

2. NO storage limit per user account

In BannerSnack Beta 3 there won’t be any storage limits per user account, therefore you can upload as many assets as you wish and you can create as many banners as you need.

3. NO more banner size restrictions & NO font restrictions

All BannerSnack users can benefit from all features inside the application, including the custom size feature or the “premium” fonts, which until now, were only available along with a subscription.

4. Dramatically improved transition effects

The way you can browse through the large array of transition effects that you can find in BannerSnack has been improved dramatically. Instead of drop-down lists, you can view animated thumbnails representing the effects. Moreover, each effect category contains lots of presets, that can be used as they are, or they can be customized or created from scratch. All the basic and advanced options regarding the transition effects in BannerSnack are now available for all uses, for free.