How banner publishing works

The publishing system has been improved!

1. Create/edit your banner source

In this phase you can add text and images, use transition effects and all the features included in BannerSnack to build the banners that you need.

2. Click "Publish"

Once you're done creating a banner that you want to use, press "Publish". This step actually creates the final banner package which you will be able to download or grab its embed code. Once published, a banner will become available on "My banners" page where you can grab it.

3. Download/Share banner

In the "My banners" page there is a permanent link and a watermarked banner embed code available for free. However, in order to get a watermark-free banner embed code or to download the banner as a SWF file, you'll have to pay a few points (points are the SnackTools' unique currency and they can be purchased whenever needed).

Once a banner is published you can still modify it. You can modify its source but it will affect the published banner. When you re-publish, the modified banner will overwrite the old one. When you activate premium options using points, you only have 24 hours to edit and re-publish the banner until it becomes locked for future editing. VIP members can edit their banners without limitations as long as they keep their subscriptions active.