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Most common issues


1. I can't view my banner properly. Why?
In order to view the banners created with BannerSnack you need Flash Player 10+. Get it from here.
2. I cannot see any banners. Why?
First, check if you have Flash Player 10+ installed. If you don’t, get it from here. If that’s not the issue, check if you have the AdBlock plugin installed. If you have it, you need to disable it in order to see banner ads.
3. My banner looks blank and I get the message "object error".
Older versions of Internet Explorer don’t support our flash banners. That’s why you get the message "object error". Use a different web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) or upgrade your Internet Explorer browser to a newer version.
4. What should I do if my banner covers the drop-down menu in my website?
You need to make the background transparent. You can do that by editing the embed code of your banner. Look for "wmode=opaque" and replace "opaque" with "transparent" so it will look like this "wmode=transparent". That’s all you need to change.
5. I’m logged in and I can’t find my banners in the "My banners" section. Where are they?
This article will answer your question.
6. My banner doesn’t loop. What should I do?
Make sure the box "stop slide" isn’t checked.
7. Do you have a tutorial for building a banner?
We have several articles about how you can use BannerSnack. Read our blog!
8. My animated banner has turned into a static image. Why?
If a banner hosted on our cloud exceeds the maximum number of views/day, the banner will turn into a static image and a small button will be displayed linking to the banner's "direct link" page on BannerSnack.com. All Snack VIP items include 25 000 views/day, Snack Business items include 50 000 views/day. After exceeding 100 000 views/day, nothing will be displayed. This usually happens only to extremely large advertising campaigns, for this purpose we suggest you to use the download option.
9. I downloaded my banner as GIF and I’m disappointed of its quality. Where are the built in effects?
The GIF format supports up to 8 bits per pixel, thus allowing a single image to reference a palette of up to 256 distinct colors. For free users, BannerSnack limits the number of colors to 128.
If your banner has more than 256 (or 128) colors, the most used colors in your image will show correctly, and all the other colors will "dither" which is a dotting process, trying to match a middle color by using half pixels of one close color and half pixels of another closer color.
Also, the built in effect won’t show in GIF banners. The banner will play its slides as regular images. So, the final .gif file will include a screenshot for each slide. Read more about it here.
For the best version of your banner activate the premium options and download as SWF.


1. What kind of files can I upload in BannerSnack app?
You can only upload pictures that are in JPG or PNG format.
2. How many banners can I create?
You can create as many as you want!
3. Can I make a static GIF?
Of course you can! For a static GIF, make a static banner and then download it as GIF, for free.
4. The banner is too big. I need it under 40-50Kb. What can I do?
Here are a few tips on how you can reduce the size of your banner.
5. Can I have my banner in JPG format?
Yes, you can download your banner as PNG, JPG, GIF or SWF.
6. Do the images I upload in the BannerSnack app have to be under a certain maximum size?
Yes, you need to stay under 2 MB for each image. If you try to upload a larger file, it will start to upload and when done it will unload without notice.
7. What happens when I reach the maximum number of views/day?
If a banner hosted on our cloud exceeds the maximum number of views/day, the banner will turn into a static image and a small button will be displayed linking to the banner's "direct link" page on BannerSnack.com. All Snack VIP items include 25,000 views/day and Snack Business items include 50,000 views/day. After exceeding 100,000 views/day, nothing will be displayed. This usually happens only to extremely large advertising campaigns, for this purpose we suggest you to use the download option.


1. How do I download my banner?
When you’re done creating a banner, the next step is publishing. Click Publish and enter a name. Next, you will see the downloading options under the banner: Download GIF (free) and Download SWF, PNG, JPG (Premium).
2. Can I download my banner for free?
Yes, you can download your banner for free, but only as GIF, and with some limitations.
3. How do I download the HTML5 version?
You can’t download an HTML5 version of your banner, but you can use the iFrame embed code to publish your banner on websites and it work nicely on devices that use HTML5.


1. What is clickTag and how can I use it?
A clickTAG is a line of actionscript embedded in a Flash banner ad used to track the success of an advertising campaign. More than simply measuring impressions, the clickTag can measure the number of clicks. Read more about it here.
2. Can I use clickTag in my banner ads? How can I link to ads networks (ClickTag)?
Yes. BannerSnack supports clickTag. To use clickTag, just write the standard HTML embed code for clickTag. Find out more here. If by any chances you have used internal URL's directly inside the banner, they will all get replaced automatically in real time with any clickTag URL that you pass over.
3. Is BannerSnack Clicktag compatible with AS2 or AS3?
The clickTag you’ve set in BannerSnack will be compatible only with AS3.
4. My advertiser said I need ClickTAG and not clickTag. What should I do?
All swf files exported with BannerSnack have the clickTag code. Basically they have an auto detect code which will enable and detect clickTag regardless of how you or the ad server is sending it (eg clickTag, clickTAG, clicktag, ClickTag....etc).

Sharing and Publishing

1. Can I edit a published banner?
You can edit banners even after they're published. If you choose to activate the premium options, you will be able to edit you banner for 24 hours (then it will become locked for editing). If you have an active Snack VIP membership you can edit banners for as long as you want without limitations.
2. How can I share banners?
There are many ways in which you can share a banner made with BannerSnack. Whether you want to share a permanent link to your banner or you want it integrated in your website, you can choose from the following options found on the "My banners" page:
- Direct link - by selecting this option, a new personalized preview page hosted on BannerSnack.com will open. Sharing this link with your friends gives them the opportunity to comment and share your banner.
- Email - choose this option to share your banner by email.
- Embed code - copy the embed code and the paste it on any website that supports embeddable content.
- Download - choose this option if you want to have your banner as GIF or SWF file on your computer.
3. I have a Facebook page. How do I post to that? What about Twitter?
You can copy and paste the direct link to your published banner on Facebook or Twitter.
4. How can I embed my banner into my website?


1. Can I use special characters for Chinese, Arabic, etc?
Unfortunately, BannerSnack supports only English letter-based characters at the moment. We might implement characters for more languages in the future.
2. On which websites do you advertise my banners?
BannerSnack will not place your banners on websites automatically. However, if you are interested, you can start a BannerSnack campaign. Learn more about campaigns here.
3. Is BannerSnack suited for zillion dollar banner advertising campaigns?
Absolutely! With BannerSnack you can make professional-grade banner ads, no matter whether you are working for a free lance or for a multinational company. If you want the banner to look more professional, you might want to think of BannerSnack as a place to upload your visual objects and animate them into a nice interactive banner ad. You can always use Adobe Photoshop to create hi-quality objects/layers that you can load as png through the BannerSnack app and have an outstanding banner ad in the end.
4. I’m interested in an affiliation or referral program. How can I contact you?
For partnerships, affiliation or private issues regarding your accounts, contact us via email at the following address: contact@snacktools.com.

Watermark and Limitations

1. How can I get rid of the watermark?
All the banners made with BannerSnack get a watermark embedded on them. You can remove this watermark from the "My banners" page by activating the premium options.
2. I have upgraded to Premium. Why does the watermark still show on my banners?
If the watermark still appears on your banner after you’ve activated the Premium options you need to clear the cache from your web browser and refresh the page.