About the flash banner creator

Create banners easily, in less time, with less or no money!

BannerSnack is an online banner creator that allows you to easily make animated banner ads and interactive flash content without flash programming. And you know what? One could never see the difference between a banner made by a flash programmer in hours of work and a banner made by you with BannerSnack in minutes.

Let's see a banner made with BannerSnack:

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How can BannerSnack be so simple, yet so powerful?

  1. It contains hundreds of transitions, effects and filters that will enable you to easily create text and image animations
  2. You can start from more than 100 templates
  3. It supports interractivity
  4. No Flash programming is required
  5. It's 100% web-based

So there's no technical obstacle that can stop you from using BannerSnack, whether you are a marketer, advertiser, designer, blogger, student, employee or boss.

Use BannerSnack to create all kinds of flash content:

  - Banner ads
  - Flash headers and website intros
  - Flash microsites and CD presentations
  - Cool banners for your social community profile
  - Animated greeting ecards

Is BannerSnack suited for zillion dollar banner advertising campaigns?

Absolutely! With BannerSnack Premium you can make professional grade banner ads no matter whether you are working for a free lance or for a multinational company. Learn more.

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